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Friday, December 20, 2013

Please Share: Utilize the Power of Social Media

Good day.

Last week, I saw this man near Manila City Hall, just right before the underpass under Taft Ave/Lagusnilad. Some people still tried to give him food, water, but he just refused.

I thought of sharing this online, through my social network, just so that this man's pleas may be heard. Apparently, he wants to see his daughters, who are part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and to at most likely spend time with them near the end of his life.

Let us do our part in making someone's life and Christmas better.

Thank you.
Let us use the social media to try to help this man.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to love Genetics and Genomics! Use of CLC Sequencer and BLAST!

One of the tools we are currently using as Medical Students is the CLC Sequencer. It is actually fun to use but it can also be major headache. This post aims to help those using the sequencer and NCBI-BLAST to get what they need.

Things we need:
  1. CLC Sequencer (click here)
  2. A stable internet connection
  3. A sample case (I'm going to use our homework as example)

Now, let us install the CLC Sequencer first, before doing anything. Once everything is in place, we can now begin.

First, open your CLC Sequencer:

The interface is quite simple, anyway, the next thing we need is to load our samples. As seen in my screenshot, I have already saved the samples that I need. To do so, click NEW and then paste your whole sequence into the text box provided:

Name your sequence, then save it (click the save button at the menu). When you are done, your sequence would then appear  on your screen. 

 Next, click the following on your CLC Sequencer:

Find the longest Open Reading Frame (ORF) by following these steps:

Choose these options (unless you have instructions otherwise), then Click Next

 Confirm, and click FINISH

This table would appear and show you which possible ORFs there are available so you can choose. Remember, the longest ORF is what we need (as highlighted above). 

Using the table as a guide, look for the sequence number (in my case it is 1010 to 1831). Remember, each line consists of 60 nucleotides with 10 in each column. The one I highlighted above is shown to be from 1010 to 1831, which CLC said was my longest possible ORF.

Next, copy and paste that particular sequence and create a new sequence in the CLC.

Your next step now is to translate it to protein by clicking the menus posted above.

Tada. Now you have your protein sequence. Its now time to fire up your web browser and point it to NCBI-BLAST (blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Click on PROTEIN BLAST and paste your protein sequence in the text box seen below:

You will find the following results. What you need is the result with the highest (99-100%) Query Value, and it will usually be the first one. 

Click the Accession Value link, and you will be linked to this page:

Look for the title of the study where your protein sequence is related to. You can now infer the case that was given to you. In my case, it is Phenylketonuria.

It's fun to use this CLC viewer, albeit the hardships you gotta go through just to understand and be able to use this tool properly. Once you get the hang of it, however, it'll be smooth sailing from here on out.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MARSF Presents: Strings n' Percs - An Acoustic Christmas! (Christmas Rock!)

PLM College of Medicine! (and to the undergrads, yes, nood rin kayo go go go!)

Christmas break is just around the corner, so before we all go vacation mode, we from the Medical Alliance Rendering Service to Fellowmen present to all of you something to look forward to:

(c) Erick James Gastardo, 2013
Watch as each band from the different sections of CM beat and strum and mash-up the tunes you are all familiar with together with everyone's favorite season's music!

It will be held at the Justo Alberto Auditorium on December 17, 2013 from 6pm to 8pm onwards, followed by MTG (May Tinatagong Galing!) hosted by the CM Student Council from 8 onwards.

See you folks! 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

PLM College of Medicine Application for AY 2014-2015


The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine is now officially open to applications for the coming Academic Year 2014-2015. Medical Student Hopefuls are encouraged and invited to come!

Contact the CM office anytime from 8am to 5pm thru this number: (02) 527-9067 

You may also contact me via my personal number (+63 915 191 3719) 

My good friend has a nice write up regarding his experience and will to help those wanting to try their luck at the PLM-CM. Click HERE to learn more.

Basically, the application process is simple. You just need the requirements as seen in my friend's blog and of course, your NMAT. PLM hopefuls would undergo three "processes" as I prefer to call them, namely:

- Interview

Now, the NMAT should have been taken at least last November 23, 2013, for the results should not be later than 2-3 years and not on April 2014. No PLM student knows the breakdown on how these three processes are evaluated, i.e which has the biggest percentage, etc., but it is highly (and obviously) recommended that all medschool hopefuls aim high!

The MCAT, during my time, was like a harder, time-pressured version of the NMAT. Last year was a different story, according to the freshies. I believe our college is trying different strategies in choosing the best among the best. 

The interview usually comes before the MCAT. All I can say is: be honest, respectful and HUMBLE.

AY '14-'15 hopefuls, kaya niyo yan. Isang malaking "TIWALA LANG" at sipag at pagtyaga ang kailangan niyo! Remember that PLM is the med school that takes the longest time in releasing its results, so if you really, really want to enter PLM-CM, assert yourself to do well in the three "processes" and always be patient :)

Good luck! 
Hope to see you all soon!


Thursday, October 31, 2013


I haven't blogged in a while, but I'll just pass by and say what up?

A huge smile for all :) 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Irregular Problems.

Criticisms are part of life. It helps you grow. I accept them because it helps me improve. However, may mga criticisms na sometimes parang below the belt na.. Nakakasakit.

Sana po wag niyong iisipin na porket irregular ako, pachill chill na lang ako, na pabaya lang ako.. Nagaaral din po ako tulad niyo. Acads-wise, busy din po ako. For example, I do cases for Doc M, self-study, group study with my fellow irregs, etc. 

Sana di niyo rin iisipin na wala akong initiative, na dahil irreg ako at maraming time, puro tambay lang. Aside from acads I also shouldered extra-curricular work since marami nga akong time. Step up lang lagi, kesa makulelat ang isang bagay.

In relation with that, sana di rin niyo iispin na I only loiter around PLM, going out of classes just because I feel like it. In truth, 100% of the time ako'y may nirurun na errands kaya ganun, or di kaya'y may mga inaasikaso akong emergency stuff. Like I said, I also shouldered some extra-curricular work..

Pasensya na po, pero oo, time management lang talaga, though minsan may nacocompromise pa din. I always strive na maagapan at magawan ng paraan yung nacompromise. 

Di po porket irreg ako, substandard lang ang output ko at di nag-sstep up at di tumutulong. Pasensya na kasi may nacompromise, after all, I'm not Superman, can't do everything at once but I always strive and aim to fix it..

Pero sige, kahit nakaksakit na at parang below the belt, tanggap lang ng tanggap..

Just my 2 cents. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Warning to the Government

Our elected officials bypassed the needs of the people and of the country by first pursuing their own needs. The 10-B pesos pork barrel scam proved just that. 

In the light of this scandal, it is time that we rise up and rattle the government for CHANGE.

"People shouldn't be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their PEOPLE" - V for Vendetta, 2004. 

You see, we, the people of the Philippines, have POWER -- a power to strike at the hearts of our government officials. They should fear us because it is we the masses who are most aware of their shady dealings and bullshit. We, the masses, have the power to tear them down.

You government officials should wake up and heed our call. We may not be as rich as you filthy bastards swimming in pork barrel funds but together we all will ensure that our parents' hard earned money are not put into your pockets for your own uses.

The taxes that our parents and the masses pay should go to the proper media. The government has money; President AbNoy's 1 trillion pork budget and the 10-B scam proved just that. We could have had better roads, better communications, more houses, less damage in times of calamities, more jobs for the people, a stronger military force, a better healthcare and education system, and the list just goes on. 

Don't you officials feel sad or angered that YOU YOURSELVES are the reason behind why our country can't move forward? The list I provided above is achievable had the peoples' money been channeled properly. But no, we continue to suffer, and you bastards still dare breathe the same air as us?

THE FILIPINO PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER. You government officials are put there in SERVICE for a reason. Or maybe, you do not even know what Service means. Oh, no, wait, most of you were put there JUST FOR THE POWER and MONEY. Shame, in all of most of you, 35+ years of living, children as young as 6 know BETTER THAN YOU OFFICIALS what it means to serve and can probably do YOUR jobs better than YOU all do. Shame on you, PNoy. You claim "Tuwid na Daan" but what is this? 

One day, I swear to God, the people will pull you all down and bring you all to justice. Yes, laugh all you want but THIS POST SERVES AS A THREAT AND A WARNING TO ALL OF YOU IN THE GOVERNMENT. The websites targeted, the Million Man March... these are all just the beginning. Fear us.

Just my 2 cents!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PLM CMSC Donation Drive (Bagyong Maring)

Good day everyone! 

Owing to the onslaught of the Tropical Storm Maring this past few days, many of our fellow kababayan were unfortunately displaced, with some losing their homes because of floods, strong winds, and whatnot.

In line with this, we, the PLM College of Medicine Student Council, in partnership with the different organizations within our college [MARSF, MUS, BMS, PMS, LiKaS, CMC, ComDRS], would be holding a donation drive.

You may bring your donations to the following points on Friday, August 23, 2013, from 8am to 5pm or Saturday, August 24, 2013, from 8am to 12NNN:

If you're near/in PLM:
Gusaling Bagatsing, College of Medicine Student Council Office, 2nd Floor Med Lobby

If you're near/in Ospital ng Maynila [FRIDAY ONLY]:
Academic Building Lobby, Ground Floor 

For more details, you may refer to this image or you may add the CMSC Facebook account here. You may also contact me at 0915-1913719
Thank you! 

Special thanks to the organizations whose logos appear in this poster. Also special thanks to Mr. Julien Torio, our CMSC Auditor, for designing this.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not Superman

As much as I can, I try to balance my Academics with my extra-curriculars. Though irregular, I do Cases for Doc M and advance in Clinical Subjects. On top of that I'm the leader of two research groups (Biochem, FCM), and I'm part of the trans groups for the previous two mentioned subjects, being the leader for FCM trans too. Besides all these, I have extra-curricular work as well. 

I find it cool that I manage to keep myself busy, sane and productive all at the same time while learning, doing service to others and enjoying life. However, things do go wrong, as they sometimes will. You see, too much can kill, as they say.

I know that I can't do everything and fix every mistake that happens. I will be bound to commit errors that would affect many things. However, I would still take full responsibility for whatever happens. Gaun talaga eh. Ganun yung tama, you can't escape your problems, so be part of the solution instead.

I'm not Superman. I can't speed through the day finishing everything in time for dinner. After all, I'm only human. I guess that's why I prefer to be the Dark Knight instead, capable of superhuman feats yet susceptible to succumb to his human side. I see myself in him more than in the Man of Steel.

Maybe I just need to take things slow, and focus on each task one at a time. Maybe I should also not be too shy to ask for help. Batman, though thinking of himself as a solo hero, has family and friends around him... and so do I. :)

Upon realizing all these, I pondered and said to myself, "What a beautiful life I live in". Many problems, many trials, probably may succeed in breaking me sometimes, yet each time, never failing to make me stronger than ever.   

Just my 2 cents!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 3: We still have no order

It's day 3. Maybe too early to judge for improvements, but then this is what I saw when I went to the terminal to get a ride home:

Confusing; People were rushing around because the whole terminal is a labyrinth of humans and buses.

We were told to wait in this line. This is bullshit. No buses parked here. We were standing here for almost 2 hours.

A huge wave of people; I never expected it to be this large.

The terminal is jampacked; EVERYONE IS SERIOUSLY CONFUSED. People switching lines here and there. What a warzone.

Can't emphasize JAM-PACKED enough.

I took a video after taking this picture; People were fighting because so many were cutting queues. Discipline was lost.

Well. That kind of sums up the Terminal's Day 3. I do not honestly know whether there has been improvements as this is my own first time to get a ride in this terminal. Day 3 proved to me how much broken the system was - People cutting queues, MMDA Marshals as confused as the passengers themselves, buses clogging up Macapagal Blvd. and the entrance to the terminal, a pickpocket was caught and the lines not moving because people flock an incoming bus such that those who were waiting in line can't even ride. The Marshals couldn't (or wouldn't?) do anything about it.

What pissed me off the most was that the MMDA Marshals told us to wait at the Bay 1 (for Bacoor and Imus Passengers), then telling us that those going to Bacoor and Imus weren't supposed to wait there since there are many buses that ply through Talaba, SM Bacoor and Imus. So what then is the purpose of this signboard:

The MMDA itself did not even follow what it said. What a waste of taxpayers' money.

Day 3. More improvement needed. 

Just my 2 cents!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To fix a clog

The MMDA has recently opened a new Interim Terminal at the old Uniwide Coastal Mall. It aims to decongest the traffic jam of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard. Good plans, actually. However, there were overlooked problems.
Rain + the new scheme = EPIC TRAFFIC at Coastal Road.
For one, many commuters were caught unaware with the new scheme. I, for example, had to figure out (and I still am doing so at the moment) a new way to get home and get to PLM/Manila on time. It seems that even the registered UV Express vans were affected and are being supposedly "captured" by enforcers. My usual 50php, 1 ride commute to Manila may now be increased, with several rides before getting to my destination. Not very efficient IMO.
Understandable that the aim is to ease traffic flow; however, commuters coming from Cavite, Laguna and other south side provinces are now probably wondering how to get to Manila, since, Cavitenos for example, provincial buses are now limited to the Interim Terminal. 
Another problem is how the jeepneys made Coastal Road-Roxas Blvd. look like a free-for-all passenger terminal. It caused heavy traffic at the end of the Coastal-Northbound Road. The buses were also clogging up at the D. Macapagal Blvd-MIA Rd. It caused much frustration to those coming from the south side, with many commuters getting delayed with appointments and such. 
Also, the issue of the transport fares is dragged here because, in truth, commuters have to readjust not only their commuting budget but also their physical selves to adapt to this new scheme. 
To be fair, I can see the honest intentions of the MMDA Chair Tolentino. However, it seems, as my sis Myka said, that the plan was kind of rushed head-on without appropriate planning to address possible problems and to minimize these. We are all hoping, however, that the scheme would soon be reorganized and that soon enough, the flow of traffic and commuting problems such as transport fees would be smoother and easier.
Still, though I really, really am pissed off, kudos to MMDA for trying. More planning and brainstorming, though! 
Just my 2 cents!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Endure, because that's the point.

"Endure, Master Wayne. Take it. They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice."

When we do something right, it is either people praise you, or they won't say anything. It is only when something is wrong that they suddenly all become noisy. I admit, that's true and I'm guilty of that. It's because we are all humans and we always take note the mistakes of others in comparison to our own.

My brod once said "People will always have something to say.". It's true. No matter what you say or do, be it none of their business, people will always have something to say. My blog is an example, I guess, politics-wise. 

I don't know. I feel down. I know I haven't done anything wrong but as I posted a while back, some people are always bound to be dragged into issues unknowingly and unwillingly. Kumbaga, may mga nadadamay. That's life. You can't always expect good things; you can't always escape pain. That's not the only thing, though. Many issues in the world, you see. 

But will that stop us, stop me, from doing what has to be done? Alam ko yung tamang gawain eh. Dapat bang ako'y bumigay na lang? Hayaan na't sige, gawin na rin ang ginagawa ng karamihan. If you can't beat them, join them? NOPE.

I'd rather be an outcast. Just because something went wrong, is that enough to resort to underhand tactics and kapit sa patalim style? I don't think so. It doesn't mean na, "wala eh, may mali na, hayaan na naten. Mali na ako, sige, tanggapin ko na lang wala na akong gagawin na solution.". Hell, WE are supposed to find SOLUTIONS to the problem. If we can't find a solution, we are merely being part of the problem.

And that's the thing: So many problems lately. I know the solution but I'm holding back because I don't want to hurt anyone. Well, unfortunately, I realized that doing that would hurt more, actually. It's time to move out of the comfort zone. Time for me to endure what others would say when I present the solutions. 

Endure, because that's the point: IF YOU CAN bring change and do what's right, then no matter what they say, it's always up to you to make the right choice, because only YOU CAN.

And oh, yes, I'm Batman.

Just my 2 cents!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Trying out the Blogger App

Posting from my iPad.

Blogger app. Kinda cool :) makes things easier I guess?

The consequences of our actions

Since yesterday I was already worried about this. I had some reassurance that it was not about us but in general, pinpointing to everyone. However, this morning I had a different point of view from another person regarding this. -_-

You see, it is quite sad that some people would be dragged into an issue just because of affiliations or of friends. It is very disappointing that those who are quiet and minding their own business are suddenly put in the spotlight for something they had no idea of nor had no hand in... Just because of what others might have done :|

I solve cases for the fact that I get to advance in Pathology, Pharmacology and Medicine, given my irregular status now that I have lots of free time so I'm devoting it to studies. If I'm implicated in this then what sense would there be in solving the cases knowing that Doc might not trust me anymore? Knowing that doc might tell me that it is disappointing that I broke a promise when I did not?

I sound guilty, but I am not. The fact of the matter is that I promised not to teach anyone nor spoonfeed regarding the cases. Allegedly there is a passing of "knowledge" between different sections. And I am not included here but then of course, I might be implicated because I have brods and sisses among the freshies. Not that doc will jump into conclusions or that its my brods and sisses' faults, but then, I'm just paranoid, I guess. Ayoko masira trust ni doc saken :( that is why I kept my promise not to share answers to anyone.

Even with my OWN brods and sisses I did not share the answer. In our fraternity and sorority, we were taught not to go the easy way but to earn everything with sweat, blood and tears. So, you can all imagine the pain now, that is, some of those who are innocent might be implicated. Damay-damay ang lahat.

That is why we were all taught, starting at home, that whatever we do, we should stop and think before acting, because our actions would have consequences, be it good, or bad. Sometimes, we rush forward and regret it in the end.  Regrets come last, in the end, when everything has occurred. Sometimes, we just have to stop and think before acting. We would hurt less people this way, do less/no harm at all.

There is nothing else I can do. All I can do is just to still continue upholding Integrity and being honest. I'll just keep doing the good that I'm doing, like doc told me to...

Just my 2 cents!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Adaptation is the key to survival. As a biologist, I should know this by heart, because the fittest and the strongest ones would withstand the forces of Nature trying to wipe them out from the face of the Earth.

Adjustment is like adaptation. You either fit in or you conk out. Adjustment can be akin to trying to move on after a devastating crisis. It may be positive or negative.

Sometimes, people adjust negatively. They tend to shut themselves in. They tend to let their hearts harden and eventually turn them in to a bitter shadow of their former selves. And then, with that, their world slowly shatters...

Why do we adjust negatively? Because we have fear. Fear is something we should be thankful of. Without fear, we can never become stronger. Fear is good but we should not let it consume us; instead we should face it and overcome it. We should become fear itself...

...or maybe, we should adjust positively. There are endless possibilities in every single thing in this world. They usually are triggered at the right moment when we least expect it. Things do happen for a reason. Maybe, if we all took one step at a time and see things in a different light... things will become better. Also, as the cliche saying goes, Time heals everything.

Adjusting is hard. We all hate change, because change is the only permanent thing in this world. Change can be an unforseen delay in Medical School, an opportunity lost because of things one fought for, a lost love, a lost friendship or even things as simple as being left behind and feeling alone. 

But change is good. Change is, more often than not, for the better. In a fast paced world today, a second differs significantly greater from the last or the next. One minute you feel great, the next, you suddenly feel alone.

But that's the point - you adapt. you adjust. The rate of change today grows exponentially. And it is yourself that you pull down, when you decide never to adapt or to just adjust negatively. Never let yourself be caught in the web. You are stronger than that. 

Adjust well, and you will see how bright things actually are. Adjust well, and you will see things differently, for there is always a silver tint on the clouds of doubt.

Just my 2 cents!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Barbiturate Overdose/Barbiturate Poisoning due to use of Barbiturates as Treatment for Seizures/Epilepsy

[Med Stuff Time!]

Seizures/Epilepsies can occur to everyone when the right moment is triggered. Triggering factors may include head injury, trauma, febrile (fever)/illness, CNS damage, Family history, Genetic predisposition or it may even be Idiopathic.

Children (0-12 years) and the elderly (above 50) are the population most at risk for seizures. For the elderly, the usual underlying cause of seizures are Cerebrovascular diseases.

Seizures occur when the predisposing factors cause a possible decrease in inhibitory flags in the brain, leading to activation of Calcium channels, influx of Sodium into the cell and therefore causing a lot of action potentials. When these action potentials trigger other neurons (normally this won't happen but in patients with triggering factors, neurons CAN and WILL FIRE synchronously) and they all fire synchronously, a seizure wave begins and the patient then exhibits the signs and symptoms of a seizure. 

Barbiturates are used to treat seizures. One example is Phenobarbital, which is a known anti-seizure drug. Barbiturates bind to the GABA receptors in order to  increase the GABA mediated inhibitory factors so as to prevent abnormal excitation of many neurons.

Barbiturates, in a normal dosage, can be cleared via hepatic metabolism and renal excretion. However, in overdose, barbiturates can in fact cause further CNS depression because of the longer time it would take to clear the drug from the body (also, consider the large amount of it in a patient overdosed with this!). 

CNS depression symptoms include hypotonia, hypoventilation, hypotension, drowsiness, occasional apnea and many others. 

Treatment should be done quickly in order to prevent worsening of symptoms that may lead to brain death, cardiac arrest and of course, whole body death. Treatment schemes include supportive (giving of Oxygen, Activated charcoal) and hemodialysis (in order to increase rate of clearance.

Here is a sample conceptual map made by yours truly:

Concept map done by yours truly, JV Aclan :)
Alternative treatment/drugs for seizures are benzodiazephenes, diazepam, among others.

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 18th Ed
Katzung Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 11th Ed
Lots of journals from NEJM, PubMed, Science Direct

Just my 2 cents!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


One week more... 
...and it's the shifting exams again. First shifting exam. 

Two weeks more... 
...and it's the acquiantance party for 2013. Wow.

2-3 months more... 
...and it'll be the second semester for 2013-2014.

5 months more...
...and it's another year.

10 months more...
...and it's summer again.

A year later...
...It'll be another year in Medical School.

The numbers seem to be quite overwhelming, don't they? But time flows by without us noticing anything, especially during our busiest moments. We would always wish for more time, but it isn't possible.

Every fleeting moment is important, for it is part of our lives. Time is of the essence.

Just my 2 cents!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red Tape

Red tape everywhere. In offices, in the government, even in the schools.

It is an obvious fact that this happens everywhere in our country. But the fact that it begins at the level of the school is too much. This is why people resort to fixers and other illegal ways of obtaining things because of precious time wasted thanks to Red Tape.

Red Tape is about excessive rigidity to "rules" to the point that it becomes redundant and begins to hinder proper decision making and actions. Understandable that people are just "following policies", but then how do you explain "following policies" when these people themselves are not even updated with the latest changes in their policies? Inayos na nga para di mahirapan mga students at mga tao pero sunod sunod pa din sila sa lumang policiya. Too stubborn to submit to change, I guess?

Change is inevitable. Accept it. We can't tell them to "do their jobs properly" because they know their jobs well enough, but that's the point, they know it well and we don't and they can fool us and/or play around with us just because they can.

But we can't allow this. We must rise up and be vigilant against this type of oppression. We are a democratic country, so they say, thus we should exercise our rights as citizens to suppress the oppression. 

It is never wrong to voice out one's thoughts, opinions or suggestions; let us just do it in a proper and civil way.

Just my 2 cents!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This was exactly one year ago.

The first exam results came; I felt elated. And then when the next results were shown, I felt down. I began to wonder whether it was going to be an unending cycle of ups and downs here in Med School. I always wanted it to be full of ups, no downs.

It was after my first year in Medicine when I realized and confirmed that indeed, life is a wheel. Sometimes you're on top, then suddenly you'll find yourself way below. It isn't a cruel cycle; it is a fact of life that we have to live and deal with. I'm irreg now, but that doesn't mean I have to give up, does it? Fate can be cruel, but it's all up to one to adjust and deal with it.

It is indeed quite difficult to adjust to changes. One month in, and you'll begin to thank your classmates for the little things they do for you, be it simple or grand. You have your classmates who are experiencing what you are going through. You have your parents, your family, who will support you no matter what (kahit minsan, hindi mo ramdam). You have your brods and sisses, who share your joys and tears, through thick and thin, who'll never leave your side when you need them the most.

They always say that the beginning is always the hardest. But it doesn't mean that you'll just have to give up just because you think you can't make it through. Perseverance is the key. Add that to Faith and you'll find yourselves breezing through the hardships.

Remember that we are all in this together. Walang iwanan.


Friday, June 28, 2013

A Dark Knight

From my childhood until today I have always admired the Dark Knight, the Batman. I am not an avid collector of figurines (I opened them up and played with them, thus decreasing their worth to less than a cent) but I did read the comics (though I stopped for sometime when I got introduced to the Marvel Universe) and watched all the movies (Batman and Robin to TDKR).

Who is the Batman? I have always pictured myself a hero: One with powers unmatchable and with an awesome costume. I admit too that I've become much engrossed in the Marvel Universe. But lately, probably due to nostalgia, I've been catching up with Batman (and DC comics in general). I admire the Dark Knight most because, though without powers, his mind works wonders. Consider him a modern day Sherlock Holmes with a fighting prowess of Sherlock himself + all the masters of martial arts. 

But that is beyond the point. Back in 2009 I read the Knightfall comics and the R.I.P Batman comics. It is unnerving to think of the sufferings the Batman endured and yet still manages to stand up and save the day. And recently (from May 2013 to today) I've started reading the Injustice: Gods among Us comic series based on the game with the same name. The Dark Knight has once again faced trials and tribulations, yet this doesn't break his spirit and morals, unlike that of Superman's (SPOILER ALERT).

Unbreakable. That is what the Dark Knight is. If I were to see myself as the Dark Knight, I should be unbreakable too, considering what I had to go through (refer to my most recent posts please). What I have lost will never be taken back, but I will bounce back. 

Damn it, it still hurts whenever I ponder how I was cheated (pun intended, EHEM) of my 2nd year just because of what I stood for. Then, when the truth was told to me, I felt peace. I confirmed from that truth what I always knew: that I never failed in my duties as a student and as a leader, that I did excel gloriously in all my subjects, that I was hit way low because of what I stood for. Too late to do anything.. My fault. Oh well. Like I said, I will just have to bounce back because what I lost can never be taken back. 

The news feed on FB haunts me as my friends rant about exams that I should also be ranting about. I consider this 1.5th year a blessing though. Probably need to rest myself for a greater fight ahead of me. And when I return, expect theatericalities. Just kidding.

I also hope to return as a leader. Technicalities may hinder that because I'm irregular, but let's hope not. This 1.5th year also defines me as a leader; I therefore must prove myself otherwise. This is more of a Captain America thing now, but I still believe in the dark knight; he can be a leader. I'm waiting for the day he will lead the Justice League and take over for Superman.

One last point: The Dark Knight defends others, and stands for his ideals. No trial should break one's morals apart; it should instead make one stronger. Yes, I am irregular, which I now feel is for a purpose, and lately I am beginning to see it, and that is why I believe that I should be..

" A Silent Guardian... A Watchful Protector... A Dark Knight"
Just my 2 cents