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Monday, December 17, 2012

PLM-CM 1D 2016

So, after a boring DotA game vs. bots wherein my team lost because of noob bots, here I am again. I don't even have a title for this post... yet.

Hmm, I might just watch a movie before hitting the sack. The problem is, I do not know what to watch. Can't believe the start of the break is actually this boring when I should actually be looking forward to it... And yes, it is a mystery as to why it is this way.

Most probably because I felt bitin sa Christmas Party ng 1D! Seriously we should have actually gotten a better deal than Max's =)) haha! But hey, the point here is that that is how awesome the party went -- bitin ka and you're longing for more!

These folks I met in Med school are the ones I am going to spend the rest of my professional life with. Yes, I know, every 4-5 years we all post about meeting new people and saying that they're your best buddies, blahblahblah. There are lots of folks I cherish, namely Bio 2012, Kinse and of course, 1D.

I guess it's because friendship is weird. But you know, at this age, after many friendships built and destroyed along the way, you tend to actually cherish every person you meet as you grow. Obviously, as an adult, you begin to realize that friendship isn't just about fun and games and everything we thought of when we were kids. 

Friendship isn't about the material stuff. Friendship isn't even about just meeting new people and hanging out with them. After two decades on Earth you'd realize that it is actually more than that, though I admit that I probably have to spend more decades before finally realizing the true meaning of friendship. 

You can't tell me that, after 21 years, I should actually know this true meaning already. What is this true meaning you speak of, then? 21 years isn't enough.. Friendships surpass the boundaries of time and survive the trials of hell. YES, we are already at an age where we are already adults, but reckless ones. Admit it folks! 

Though pretty soon, when we all get married and settled down, we'll all have another point of view on friendship... And then as we grow old and near our deaths, a new point of view would arise. Life is weird, isn't it? Every single day it gives you different experiences. In the end, when you look back, you'd be thanking life for being a bitch most of the time.

And so yes indeed, 1D 2016, you guys rock. Whatever happens we all should stick together, stay strong. You see, trials will come and test us all. I believe we are all mature enough to actually stay sane and hold our heads up high against these trials. 

Yo, seriously though, I miss you guys. Til Jan 2, 2013, then!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Write Stuff

It's been a long while since I updated my blog. Anyway, I would not be ranting about anything politically related in this post! Let's just say this is more of a personal one. So, some small stuff first:

The start of the second semester has truly been eventful. I am thankful that my second shifting grades were quite good, and that at least I now have assurance that I can do it! Though, a problem is that the start of the third shifting is not really as good though, mejo I know I can do event better pa, so it means during this Christmas break I MUST indeed study well to prepare for the last 2 shiftings for my First Year. After this, summer break na! And then, second year na.. Second year in Medical School. For that I must do my best. Oh, wait, not only for myself but for everyone else. I promised to help those na mas nangangailangan pa saken, and I vow to fulfill that promise. Kapit tayo, mga kaibigan!

Oh yeah, I'm now a member of MARSF as well. I never regretted this decision of mine and will never do so. Proud to be part of a close knit family! Also, I'm damn proud of my batchmates. Haha! These sisters of mine never fail to make me smile everyday :) Mahal ko kayo batchmates! 

Moving on..

I like poetry. Oh, and whenever creativity hits me with a power over 9000, I write, be it a poem or a blog entry. My poetry is reserved for a special someone. Because I am not as artistic as most of my friends, I guess poetry is my way of expressing, like drawing is to an artist. I never really just pick out the words to rhyme; what happens is they just hit me in the head and I keep repeating it to myself until I find some pen and paper to write them down.

I guess most people think that poetry is easy to do so. Basta hanap ka lang ng nagrrhyme na words ok na yun. However, it is not that simple. In a stanza or two you gotta give the gist of what you really mean. Poetry is special, in a way that it somehow never really seems to talk "clearly" but when you read it carefully, you get the message in a flash. 

I admit; it is actually difficult. Sometimes, when I write a poem, I think it is already quite good, but after re-reading it, I tear the paper to pieces and start anew. :| yeah I know, perfectionist? I am not really a perfectionist but of course I do my best job in everything I do. Di naman kasi pwede basta-basta ka lang magsusulat, di ba? But hey, the reward comes when one simple poem can actually change the course of things. I don't know, it has happened before to me. It is weird, yes, but kinda cool, actually.

For now, I'll leave y'all with a line. This is my next work, I guess. Still building from scratch..

"The morning sun greeted me; I awoke with a start
I dreamed of you, and longing ached my heart"

Haha. Emo? Nope. Di pa nga tapos di ba? haha!

Just my 2 cents!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Since my last post there had been so many issues that I/we faced. Welcome to another edition of a long post.

Anyway, for one issue, I won't elaborate any further.. Any fellow students of mine from school would understand this issue. All I can say now is that we wait. True justice comes in the form of karma. God knows all, sees all, and I believe He will bless those who do things the right way. The right way is doing things with integrity, honesty, selflessness and objectivity. Let's all give 100% in everything we do. And for all of us, since there are times we don't do things the right way because we aren't perfect, let us all pray for forgiveness and focus hard on doing our work conscientiously. :)

We wait, as I said, because for now this issue can only be resolved if there are people who aren't afraid to fight for what is right. Kung alam mo na ang gagawin mo ay para sa ikabubuti ng lahat, for the greater good, then GO FOR IT. Never fear setbacks, FIGHT for what is RIGHT!

Another issue at hand is the new Cybercrime Law. IT IS NOW A LAW. So.. supposedly, this Law would and could halt torrents and other pertinent internet activities that we, especially the youth of today, know is actually useful for us, especially in our country. Not everything on the Net is accessible to us, unless it is usually cracked, hacked or whatnot. Yes, the issue of copyright infringement is at hand here as well, but then as I said not everything, especially those that are IMPORTANT FOR SOME, is accessible to us here in the Philippines. For example, some medical books are hard to find here but have copies floating around cyberspace, accessible with a click of the mouse. I admit that I have several Medical e-books that I got from P2P torrent. 

As you can see, the use of Torrents, a bane to the government (maybe) and to those supposedly affected by it, but useful for us, especially students, should continue, in my opinion. It has been a way for most people to be able to share large volumes of data and files across the web and it should remain that way. The Cybercrime Law shouldn't interfere with this.. Kung sabihin na ang companya ay nalulugi sa torrent downloads, then why are they still standing strong today even if torrents are already very rampant? I think they are not really affected so much, probably only a small percentage if I may say so. I'd like to believe that they also generate a large revenue for their mere presence and advertising online.

I don't know though. I'm not an IT and Politics expert. However, I can say interference of the Cybercrime Law on our Internet activities would be akin to suppressing our freedom of expression. YES, of course there is a need to REGULATE freedom of expression, yung tipong wag naman sobrang abusado sa pag-gamit ng Freedom of Expression.. But then even before the Cybercrime Law there were already "house rules" of the Internet that people follow, and this for me makes the Cybercrime Law irrelevant. And to think that this was passed in the height of the issue of plagiarism done by Senator Sotto, who said he was being bullied online. LOL, so that's why the Law was passed, is it? So shameful if it is so, using the Law for your own interest. Sana mali yung narinig ko, though.

This blog of mine, my twitter account, my Facebook, if subjected to the Cybercrime Law could make me one of the most wanted persons in the Philippines. I have said stinging comments against several politicos and in this blog of mine I have repeatedly expressed my distaste against the government. Yes, I know that I should probably regulate most of my posting (which I do naman), but I can't help but fully exercise my right to fight against corruption, against things that the apathetic groups of our countrymen care not one bit about. 

So, I challenge the proponents and supporters of the Cybercrime Law to come at me. This blog of mine is personal and everything I write here is how I feel about something. Whatever words used in this blog reflect my emotions, and this is not a blog used as a smear campaign against the government. I believe that I am using this to promote awareness toward my readers. I'd also like to believe that I am, in an indirect way, helping the government improve itself. 

In summary, TL;DR, junk the Cybercrime Law. IT IS IRRELEVANT (for me) and IT SUPPRESSES THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (as many would agree) that we enjoy. For the latter statement, let me reiterate that, YES, WE SHOULD REGULATE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, but not this way. Let it start from the end-user him/herself and not be regulated by a Law that, PROBABLY, simply is a gain for a select few (EHEM TITO SEN LOL)


I surfed the net after posting this, and was shocked to read in an article from ABS-CBN news that 

"under the new law, people can even be be sued for old Internet posts...

"If it’s still online today, but published before, it is still covered, punishable. If you didn't delete it, it's still covered..

...people can also be sued if they republish libelous content online via retweets on Twitter or sharing on Facebook."

How interesting. Are we competing with China in suppressing freedom on the Internet? Sus.

Just my 2 cents.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Plagiarism is not a crime in the Philippines" - Sen. Tito Sotto III

First off, FU-- ok, will not curse too harshly.This comment, for me, is by far one of the stupidest, most ignoramus, most bat fuck insane comments that I've seen in recent days from the Honorable (oh really?) Senator Vicente (why do I share this name with you) Sotto III. 

How can plagiarism NOT be a crime in the Philippines? OK, so maybe we don't have a bill for that. But come on, where is your INTELLECTUAL HONESTY, Mr. Senator? Or maybe that, you do not have? Pucha, students who plagiarize their term papers and thesis get suspended or even expelled. What difference does that make for a senator, a high-ranking official in the government? Should you not be an example for your fellow Filipinos?

It is very disappointing that Sen. Tito Sotto did not even think of apologizing and shuffling his staff members or even stepping down (though, that is kind of overboard, but hey, given the situation, nakakahiya yung expose against him). I personally think that would have saved his face.

Personally, I also don't think that an act has to be decreed as a crime in order to be "illegal" or deemed or branded as "wrong-doing". We all have a conscience within us, why not listen to it, Mr. Senator? For sure alam mo naman siguro na pangogopya ay frowned upon, especially those in the academics.

I think I understand Tito Sotto though. He thinks he is being viewed now as a criminal just because he plagiarized his speech, thus his statement. Well, to be fair, I don't think he is a criminal (though the possibility of "corruption" looms...), but rather I  think he is dishonest and not credible with his statements. Malay natin kung yun mga pinagsasasabi niya kinopya lang pala niya, diba? It was his fault anyway, all this brouhaha. But in reality, it is a crime, especially in scientific communities and if I am not mistaken, in government and politics. We don't need a law stating that plagiarism is a crime; from our younger days we were all taught not to copy and to be honest, and to learn to do something on our own. Sobrang simpleng concept niyan, HONESTY. We don't need a fucking law against plagiarism to say that it is a crime or that it is wrong and unacceptable. Common sense po, Mr. Senator.

With that, Mr. Senator, I do think you understand quite well how people look at you now. May I suggest, that you just shut up and apologize? Yes, you have the right to free speech, but then sometimes not thinking before speaking could rain shit down upon you.. happened to me lots of times, and to other people as well, so you're not invulnerable from that. 

It's up to you, Sen. Tito Sotto III, if you still want to keep on babbling and looking like an idiot on TV, or to just simply apologize, accept your mistake, grow and learn from it to be a better person. The latter option, I strongly suggest for it can save what's left of your dignity and you may regain the respect of the people.

Just my 2 cents!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Long time no write!

So it has been quite some time since my last post. Hehe. Been busy with Med School, and it's just the start! I feel that pretty soon I won't be able to go online anymore. Most of the time spent online nowadays is mostly doing research, discussing cases and uploading notes & stuff that could help other classmates (and myself of course). Tulong-tulungan, as they say. That's how we survive Med School!

Before I start my usual political ranting, I'd like to add in a little med rant: I'm hoping to get some good news for several subjects in our first shifting exam :D Pray, have faith, as they say!

Alright, several issues rocked the country after the impeachment of CJ Corona (I think this was my last post). I don't exactly remember everything in detail and I might miss some of these issues. Nevertheless, here we go:

There was the never-ending rain from the Habagat that made typhoon rains look relatively harmless. Obviously, our ever-loving president and his DPWH team have not yet done anything in terms of alleviating the flood prone areas in Metro Manila and around the country. I wonder why they even halted several projects aimed to divert the water pathway and ease the flooding? I smell MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Ehem, Tuwid na daan pala ah.

And then the death of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. It was so untimely, and so sad, given that a humble official had to perish in that plane crash. Humble, because I never really heard anything bad about Sec. Robredo coming from the mouths of observers. Every column in the Philippine Star, especially Mr. Satur Ocampo and Mr. Ernie Maceda's columns always praised him for being one of the top-performing cabinet members of PNoy's administration. Those who bad-mouthed him (well, not really bad mouth per se) were mainly PNoy and his cronies. 

Hehe, now check this out: PNoy is offering the late Secretary a grand funeral whereas in reality Sec. Robredo is a simple man. Alam niyo ba, he visited UP Manila during the DSS Week and I never even noticed that. There wasn't any banner saying "WELCOME SECRETARY" or something. Basta, as far as I recall it was so simple. Scumbag PNoy is feeling guilty, I guess, for NOT PASSING SEC. ROBREDO'S NAME TO THE CA ON TIME & WITH THE CA NOT CONFIRMING HIS POST AS DILG SECRETARY. Too bad, Mr. President, you and your friends in government are bigtime scumbags who are now ass-kissing the humble late DILG Secretary. A big middle finger to you, Mr. President, and to Paquito Ochoa. I read that he is currently sitting as a temporary secretary (not sure) and I also read that he was sharing the post of DILG Secretary with Mr. Robredo before the latter's demise (unconfirmed).

Rest in Peace, Secretary Robredo. You'll always be remembered as someone who worked behind the scenes quietly. Indeed, the quiet one is someone who is much more respected than one who boasts his achievements and whatnot. I'll apply this in life, Mr. Secretary. Nangyari na rin po saken iyan nung Med School interview. I learned about humility again. :) God bless you!

Now, another issue is the plagiarism done by Senator Sotto. Wow lang, I have to admit that before this I actually respected him a lot, with his filing rape charges against the Panamanian ambassador who raped a Filipina, and some of his statements against several issues in our country. But the bumaba tingin ko sayo, Senator, NOT when I learned about your plagiarism, but when your IDIOT Chief of Staff and your Staff members proclaimed that plagiarism is normal and common. Why do you have stupid assholes working for you? Especially that Hector Villacorta. What kind of lawyer is he? Invoking God's name saying we are all copies of God, therefore we are all plagiarizers. So Fucking Stupid! 

Hector Villacorta, you deserve a huge middle finger in up your nose and ass. Ang bobo mo lang, promise. I wonder what kind of lawyer you are. You are a shame to your profession, you nincompoop.

One last issue: The new chief justice Sereno. This lady is pro-Cojuangco in terms of the Hacienda Luisita issue. I can only shake my head when I found that out. Damn you PNoy, Damn you. What kind of Tuwid na Daan is this? You should go back to Elementary and learn about straight and curved lines, so that you can finally lead us to the right Tuwid na Daan instead of the current Baluktot na Daan that we are all still traversing.

Well, there we go. Now back to Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Physiology. :)

Just my 2 cents.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am having a hard time deciding what to do. It feels as if I entered a wormhole and am now nearer the D-day. It's not everyday life is always up. Sometimes its down, way down below, deep in Tartarus. You know that sinking feeling that something is wrong and you're not even sure what it is? The feeling of neglect compounded with uncertainties.

Looking on the bright side though, at least I, like everyone else, am still blessed. 

More on this later.


Of touching someone's heart and random thoughts

  • When you never try, you'll never know. This line keeps on haunting me, to tell you the truth. I guess sometimes you can never escape your responsibility in letting her know how you truly feel. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet. The question is, when am I biting the bullet? The best time to do anything is always now, but sometimes I prefer to do things my own way. I guess that's both my flaw and blessing, then. A radical stand and at the same time, stubbornness.
  • When you lose something you can't replace.. damn. You'll never realize this until you have lost that particular something. But then comes acceptance and joy for what was lost.. because, most likely, what was lost has found happiness elsewhere.
  • I'd rather live a thousand years of pain with you than a day of filled with hollow joy because that's how precious you are. It's too premature for anything right now, but we could try, couldn't we? Though, I can wait.
  • I don't go straight to the point when it comes to you. How I feel about you, I break it up into little pieces, like a puzzle, and bit by bit I build it up for you to see. Slow, but I think it's worth it, because you are worth the time.

Random thoughts at 3:15am. Yesterday's feels flowed in once again. I haven't really written stuff like this, and I'm surprised at what I'm doing. Haha, it's probably.. i don't know. Let's see the answer in a few days..


Monday, June 18, 2012

In 2050..

Inspired by HIMYM. 


"Kids, back in the middle of 2012, I was having a great time with my life. Med school, friends, relationships, you name it, I can say I had it. But life isn't always as perfect as we all want it to be. And so, there was this one day when I received a message from my best friend. She'll be going to far away for her postgraduate studies. It's like I'm never going to see her again.

We met way back in 2008, when we were freshmen. Now, four years later and our friendship blossomed into something I believe everyone wishes to have. And it was only this time, when the thought of her leaving actually hit me quite hard, though I never really showed much emotion. Before, I always thought I would be strong enough to bid her goodbye, but now that we're here, would I really be? 

You see, it's not easy to say goodbye to someone you cherish and care for so much. It's going to be difficult and bittersweet. I never really expected this to happen so soon anyway. But hey, it's for her because it's a part of her dreams that would be coming true. I really am happy for her, though part of me is hidden in pain, not seen by anyone but myself.

But, what is "distance" when friendships and relationships can traverse them so easily? It makes a long mile look like a stone's throw from where we're all standing. :)"


The post may have grammatical errors, my brain's kinda foggy and soupy right now, and I got lots to do, lots to focus on and lots to think about. Don't mind me.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before moving on..

Well, the verdict is fair, in my opinion. The Senator-Judges voted based on the evidences that were presented. Good job to them, to the defense team for being just pure awesomeness especially you, Justice Cuevas! Congratulations!

And, fuck you, prosecution team, you guys can kiss my ass. Senators Enrile and Miriam did mention that you guys have more or less executed underhanded tactics just to press charges against the CJ, and, as one person over twitter said, you prosecution/team PNoy folks were, in terms of how you passed the articles of impeachment et al., "like kids who cheated in an exam and got away with it." Got away with getting someone impeached over an offense that is not really impeachable, as Sen. Miriam mentioned earlier. 

Furthermore, Senator Miriam is right - when the Prosecution team presented their case, there were "surveys", and where were these "surveys" when it was time for the Defense panel to present? Apparently someone from the yellow team more or less deliberately did this in order to drill in the minds of our fellow Filipinos that the CJ is a demon, cheater who amassed a huge amount of cash over the years. Fuck you for that, and Senator Enrile even mentioned, if I remembered correctly, that the CJ did not happen to amass illegal wealth. The CJ was rich to begin with, but he just did not correctly declare his SALN, which, I think, is not an impeachable offense. Senators mentioned that there is a Law that states that if there is an irregularity in an official's SALN, he/she should be notified and the respondent should correct it, and NOT BE PUT IN A TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. 

I really am disappointed with the votes. Some senators say that "it is for and in the interest of the public". Correct me if I am wrong, but the interest of the public is to "impeach Corona", right? Most of the people in the public, not all (for some really have their strong opinions), don't even know a damn thing about what was going on and they just rode the yellow team's bandwagon, para naman mukha silang "in". Sorry, but that's the truth; yung iba basta sinabi ng Media yun na agad yung paniniwalaan. So, in that sense, were some of the Senators actually swayed by public opinion? For the interest of the public eh.. Interest.. But, I pray, and believe, that the senators were all guided by conscience and by their analysis of the facts...

Anyhow. This would go down in history as the day the Chief Justice of the Philippines was impeached.. with charges na pinilit at nakalusot. I'm sorry, but that's how many people see the prosecution's charges.

We should all have learned a lesson here that we should never forget... 

Now, let us move on.. Though, a fair warning to PNoy: I will be one of your administration's greatest critics... for the sake of the Philippines, because I love my country.

Just my 2 cents

Very disappointing.

I'm very, very, very disappointed. 

Yes, CJ Corona may not have declared his assets in his SALN properly, but is that already an impeachable offense? For me he handled cases well, albeit the Gloria Arroyo TRO. In that sense, the Hacienda Luisita decision was one of the best decisions he made in his stint as the Chief Justice...

YES, THE HACIENDA LUISITA DECISION WAS A "TUWID NA DAAN" DECISION BY THE CHIEF JUSTICE CORONA. HE IS INTENT IN HELPING PNoy, but no, PNoy had to fuck him up real bad with the fucking prosecution team and fucking media trial by publicity.

Fuck you, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Just, Fuck you. Kayo ng nanay mo walang naidulot na maganda sa bansa. Alam mo yan. 

Sana na lang, yung susunod na iaapoint mo, President Aquino, ay hindi mo tuta. 

Just my 2 cents.

Friday, May 25, 2012

So where were we...?

Wow, I haven't posted for quite a while. So where were we?

- Thank you Lord. PLM. :) already enrolled.. will just wait for orientation, fix some stuff and will be READY TO ROLL!

- Started reading some my books.. good to have a headstart, can't fail or let this opportunity go to waste

- Quit Ragnarok Online

- Started playing Pokemon Black; now still stuck at the League, haven't played again.

- The CJ Corona Trial is now coming to an end..

Oh, the CJ Corona trial. Here is my statement on this one, I know many wouldn't agree with me, but hey, that's just my opinion. But I love a nice debate/commentary so here y'all go:

"Me, I think he is innocent. The only fault i can find in him is the fact on his foreign dollar deposits not being declared and that he walked out last Tuesday. But his failure to declared that FDs truly an impeachable offense?

THERE IS NO STRONG POINT that he was ever a corrupt guy. The prosecution failed to pinpoint that but you gotta admit they hit home hard on the point of the CJ's SALN. But the CJ managed to explain it naman, with feelings hehe."

Let me just add that yes, there are times I cringed when he was doing the dramatics, but then I can't blame someone who has been under stress and going through alot to be that emotional. Come on, cut the CJ some slack on the dramatics, we all went through tough times in our lives, didn't we?

Hoping for the best for the Chief Justice! And after this Impeachment Trial, LET US HOPE that the branches of the government would NOW RESOLVE TO WORK TOGETHER for the sake of our fellow countrymen.

Well, judgment day is on Tuesday. May God bless the Philippines.

Just my 2 cents

Monday, May 7, 2012


Let me just wait for the right time to do things. They say, though, the right time to everything and anything is NOW.

But then, sometimes, I think it is right to just wait. Patience, they also say, is a virtue.

Just my 2 cents

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Fun

Good old Summer fun. Will be missing this again when Med School begins. (Hoping for a good news here btw..)

Anyway. I'm currently playing Pokemon Black and its AWESOME. Look at Barney Stinson, then look at me and you'll know what AWESOME is. Well, just kidding, but the game has some very nice features that they certainly upgraded since the last Generation of Pokemon (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heartgold/SoulSilver). For instance, there is this 4-way call/cutscene, which is cool because the characters' mouths really move and it seems as if you are in a 4-way call with them in reality!

Well, I just got past the first badge. Starter pokemon as always is the Fire Type, so yeah I choose Tepig. And yes, I'm playing on DesMuMe because I don't have a DS (but I'll be buying a 3DS HOPEFULLY; hoping for another good news about that -_- ).

Anyway, next up in my playlist would be Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2!

Just my 2 cents!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Missile Launch

Image from ANC 24/7 FB Page.

IMO, we should at least be able to breathe easy because there is no reported radioactive material carried on board. Neither would it be used as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). We shouldn't hype things up too much.

AFAIK, it is a satellite launch as well, right? So isn't it like America launching a satellite into space? However, what bothers me is that reports say it is a "disguised ballistic missile test". Indeed this would be bothersome for us who live along the path of the missile.

However, I would like to echo the sentiments of my friends, teachers, and most Filipinos: Yes, it is a test, there are indeed risks involved, but then why does it have to land in our sovereign territory?

I hope it would be intercepted by other countries before it reaches the Philippines. The only possible problem would be that that action might become a call for war. Let us hope that this is indeed JUST A SATELLITE LAUNCH and NOT A DISGUISED BALLISTIC MISSILE LAUNCH. News articles online say this would breach a UN Sanction on NoKor on Missile tests if I'm not mistaken.

Oh well, NoKor, you guys are really hard headed, ain't you?

Just my thoughts.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What lies ahead?

No one knows what lies ahead, so it is best that we all stay prepared, always.

Of course, sometimes we can anticipate or even hope for the best, but the truth is, we will never really know what lies ahead.

Faith can be a great help because the stronger your faith, the more positive your outlook to the future becomes, or so they say.

Random thoughts.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reality Bites.

Yeah. After graduation on April 20, my batchmates and I will all be officially "unemployed" as we are no longer students, at least until June, that is. 

It's true. Though a friend of mine was right in mentioning that Employment is a choice, not a chance. Truest stuff I've read so far in the past few days unlike the numbers game presented by the prosecution team of CJ Corona's trial.

Just some random thoughts.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Numbers Game

First it was 45.

Then it became 21.

Now, we have 5.

The prosecution sure has a lot on its hands at the moment. They gotta explain this numbers game to the public properly now because it looks as if they made up the whole thing just to kick the CJ out of the Supreme Court. Oops. Just saying.


Of False Warps and Fair Gaming

So tonight was another War of Emperium, 2nd Edition for our server, pRO Valhalla. 

Guess what? The guild I was in tonight experienced false warping at its finest. Some of my guildmates were trapped in maps without move tiles (or whatever you call them haha!), so it, sad to say, effectively destroyed our siege plans because we became disoriented and disorganized, trying to move from one save point to another while storming a castle.

That acolyte with an attitude even taunted us that we were losers, and he even told off one of our Suras that his Guillotine Fist skill was "weak". That got me thinking that this guy's main character most probably belonged to the three guilds we were battling tonight, because he knew the damage of our Sura's skill and he taunted the Sura, calling him weak.

If you were to ask me, this asshole deserved my fist in his face. Personally, I suspect that he belonged to one of the guilds we were battling tonight because of his taunts. I can't fucking believe that these guys can be so desperate that they resort to dirty tactics just to win. 

IMO, these assess got no gaming talent and no sportsmanship. Yeah I know, its just a game, but that's the point: IT'S JUST A GAME. Do you have to resort to below the belt tactics? Can't you all just enjoy the whole WoE? I enjoyed it, honestly, even if we didn't get a castle tonight, because for crying out loud IT'S JUST A GAME. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That's life, bros. Think about it.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Survey and Polls: A propaganda?

47% Say Corona is Guilty, An article from Philippine Daily Inquirerfrom the PDI website, article not mine, but opinion here is all mine.

This is funny. As you can see from the results of this poll presented in the article, "56% had little knowledge about the impeachment case, while 11% had almost or none at all. Only 8% had a great deal of knowledge about the trial while 24% had sufficient knowledge."

WTF? Some of the 47% who said Corona was guilty did not even have sufficient knowledge on the trial.   This shows that the people don't even understand what the hell is going on in the trial and yet they say the CJ is guilty.

And this survey somehow smells like propaganda. Other readers commented that "This could be another anti-Corona smear campaign by the Administration in order to foul the minds of readers". Personally, I agree with the comments, and I would not take the significance of the statistics seriously. A large portion of those they interviewed did not even have significant knowledge on the issue at hand and yet Pulse Asia still went ahead to publish the survey. Yeah, credits to them that they did include in their published results that more than half of their respondents did not know what was truly going on in the trial, at least it is scientific in a way, I guess.

But it still goes on to show that we keep on jumping to conclusions based on what we hear without even analyzing the situation first. And it also shows the information gap among our fellow Filipinos... Thanks to a Noynoying President who doesn't even have a definite plan for EDUCATION FOR ALL!

See how it all connects together? Information gap, no definite plan for education.. tsk.

Just my 2 cents.

Noynoying now on Wikipedia!

Check out this article on Noynoying, on Wikipedia!

We beg to differ, Edwin Lacierda, but I don't think Noynoying will die out as a fad anytime soon..

We would keep this up for as long as PNoy keeps on Noynoying, if you get what I mean.

Article from Wikipedia, but opinion and post here are all mine

pRO surprise this week! (the first!)

Check it out on Facebook: Philippine Ragnarok Online Official Page

Damn, another week of spending roks for Tokens, Insurance, and ESBs! Bossnia is an awesome way to level up with your friends in pRO (Valhalla is my server btw).

There is a trick in the dungeon where you just have to locate Ifrit in his spawn area. Once you kill Ifrit, another one will spawn in that area immediately, so its kind of an unlimited way of gaining experience points, especially for those characters that have had their job levels left behind their character base levels!

Here's the catch though: You can't be resurrected inside Bossnia, so you have to depend on your tokens of ziegfried (thus you gotta spend lots of roks for lots of these @_@)

Photo from the PRO Official Page on FB. Image is not mine.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another 2 cents.

‘Noynoying’ Poses Challenge to Philippine Leader (taken from the blog of WSJ; but the opinion here is all mine)

This article from the blog of Wall Street Journal talks of the new protest "fad" which is Noynoying. The tactic is funny because it involves protesters sitting around doing nothing, stifling yawns "as a protest against what they view as the government’s reluctance to stop gas prices rising.", according to the article.

The article also talks of how PNoy mentioned that people just don't want to recognize his achievements. I think that's impossible, because people do mention his achievements in the newspapers, on the internet and in other media... However, these are achievements of his are really, really too little/small/obscure compared to all the accusations thrown at him like his laziness and incompetence. 

No wang-wang policy? Come on. That achievement is so freaking small, and comparing that to an achievement like regulating the oil prices (which we won't be seeing anytime soon), the no wang-wang policy looks like a joke. 

Oh, and I have to agree with one comment on the article:
8:29 pm March 20, 2012
Bokyo wrote:

The Filipino people hired/elected a manager who clearly did not have qualifications but had popular parents. We are now complaining that he is not fit for the job. Good job pinoys!
Hey, this guy certainly hit home, didn't he? People voted him because of his name, his family history and not because of his qualifications. 

Congratulations, fellow Pinoys who voted for PNoy. I see what you did there.


Yes, I'm selling... (pRO Valhalla Only!)

Oh look, I'm selling stuff! pRO Valhalla server only xD


That exciting feeling...

You all know the feeling.

The butterflies in your stomach, the machine gun heartbeat pounding inside your chest, the shivers, all that adrenaline, every single day while waiting for something to come or to be announced. Yeah, that exciting feeling.

Waiting for PLM to release its list of Med Students for 2012-2013 is killing me. How long do we still have to wait?


A simple Hybrid Type Rune Knight Guide (pRO Valhalla)

Note: I am from Philippine Ragnarok Online, Valhalla Server, so some settings and re-balancing have not yet reached us as of today, March 20th. We expect this around September-October. My character is Slim.JVBoy, btw xD

Hello, let me just share my Rune Knight's build and I guess, some tricks to effectively play as a hybrid RK.

First off, stats:
My Rune Knight is a hybrid type, meaning I can dish out decent Dragon Breath damage without sacrificing too much agility for vitality, and I have enough Intelligence to provide immunities to freezing and silencing.

STR 95+4
AGI 79+4
VIT 95+5
INT 90+10
DEX 75+8
LUK 31+2

PROS - Stun proof, Freeze proof, Silence proof, decent attack, ASPD, Crit, Hit rate, decent resistance to sleep as well. Decent Storm Blast damage (before nerf)

CONS - have to use LOTS OF BUFFS TO ATTAIN 193 aspd! Also, you have to have the need for fast fingers for switching armors, etc. 

Anyhow, as you all can see, with lots of immunities and resistances, I already have an advantage in WoE while breaking the emp, especially when I'm doing it solo. My Agi would also somehow give me resistance to Gloomy Masquerade, and with AGI+20 food it is kind of possible to be immune to Gloomy, AFAIK. The only thing i hate would be dispell from the Sorcs /e1. Drat!

Usual Buffs

  • Giant Growth Rune
  • Isia Rune/Vitality Activation
  • Fighting Spirit Rune
  • Stone Skin Rune
  • Millenium Shield Rune(Advantage in 1v1 at PVP; advantage during WoE and when you are breaking the emperium; Use wisely; has a 1 minute Cooldown)
  • +20 Food Buffs/+10 Food Buffs
  • Guarana Candy
  • Berserk Potions & Celermine
  • Abrasive (adds to Critical Rate)

With these buffs its possible to attain 192-193 ASPD (193 usually with buffs from ABs). With high ATK, High Crit, High hit rate and advantage against melee enemies (Stone Hard Skin!)

Guarana Candy adds 10% IAS and also allows for Increased Movement speed, useful for rushing toward the emperium.

Some Tricks and Tips:

  • Never be afraid to use your runes, but at the same time, use them wisely, especially the Verkana (Millennium Shield) and the Rhydo (Crushing Strike, pre-balance patch). You can use runes while asleep (but not Deep Sleep), while cursed, stone cursed, Curse Circled/Root since these runes are item-based skills
  •  Status weapons help alot; be they spears or swords, they can give you an advantage over your enemies.
    • Sura - Sleep
    • GX - Freeze, Stone Curse/Curse, Stun, Silence
    • RK and RG - Curse, Stone Curse, Freeze (usually)
    • AB - Curse, Sleep, Stone Curse
    • SC - Try Cursing/Stone cursing them; truth be told they are hard to beat.
    • WL and Sorce - Sleep, Curse, Stun 
    • Others - Curse, Stone Curse works well
  • Status effects carry over with Dragon Breath, Ignition Break, Spear Boomerang, Sonic Wave, Hundred Spears, etc.
    • Spear Boomerang for single target (low cast delay)
    • Ignition Break/Dragon Breath for area of effect status
  • Use Frenzy (Berserk) wisely; it is usally best to use it when breaking the emp. During 1v1 situation, only use it when you have no healing items left, because it can be easily countered by your opponent; however, you still are a "howling mad, raging slashing machine!"
  • Death Bound kills; know which skills in RO are melee/physical for you can Dbound them. Make sure you  are facing the opponent when casting Dbound or else it won't work at all. Melee Physical Attacks can be Dbound too; just time it properly
    • The timing would be when you cast Death Bound, you will glow with an aura (for around 1-2 seconds); during this time, any attack you receive will be amplified and reflected back at the enemy while you yourself receive a portion of the damage too
  • Gloomy + Lex Aeterna + Clashing Spiral = 1 hit K.O.
  • Dragon Howling pwns, especially when you are up against high flee classes
  • It is possible to kill a Sura who is going to Guillotine Fist you with Parry + Reflect (Valk Manteau, Orc Lord Card/Scroll); you parry the attack but the Sura eats the reflect damage and dies ;)
  • Practice Spam-Bashing. Stun Prone enemies die quick this way
  • The effects Atlas Weapon (Atroce's Blade), Mailbreaker and Swordbreaker carry over with Dragon Breath; use it to break you enemy!

Well, that's all I have for now. Will update this anytime :)

Job Fair @ MOA

Photo from: GMA News TV

You might find your perfect job here at the GMA News TV & The Philippine Star’s May Trabaho Ka Job Fair! March 19 and 20, 10am to 6pm at SMX Convention Center.

It is a good thing that companies and organizations hold job fairs like these in order to help our fellow Filipinos. 


Monday, March 19, 2012

Education: Faded Glory, my 2 cents

The Philippine Star published today an opinion column from Ms. Ana Marie Pamintuan entitled "Faded glory", where here she notes that there is a decline in the quality of Philippine Education, given the latest international rankings where not one Philippine University made it to the rankings. Even in a recent Asian universities ranking, we did not make it as well.

As stated in her column, people have questioned the methodologies of the Times Higher Education survey (THE) and the London-based education and career company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), claiming that there are factual errors in both groups' studies. 

But no matter what critics say, I agree with Ms. Pamintuan on the fact that we have been left behind by our Asian neighbors. I'd say this is thanks to the lack of concern by our government and this is an insult at the same time, because we used to be on the forefront as a regional learning center. Di ka ba maiinis when those who trailed you before are now the ones whom you are trying to catch up with?

Thanks to our government in issuing budget cuts, we have experienced an all time low in education standards. As a UPM Bio student, I can attest to that. Our lack of facilities force us to exercise resourcefulness, and more often than not, we resort to theoretical data in most of our experiments because of the lack of materials and equipment. 

Let us not forget the high rising costs of tuition fees. Education HAS NOW BECOME A LUXURY AND NOT A RIGHT for most of our fellow Filipinos. For God's sake, do you all know how unfair that is? IT IS AN OUTRIGHT SUPPRESSION OF ONE'S RIGHT TO EDUCATION!
Edukasyon ay karapatan ng mamamayan!

But that is only from my POV as a student. How about the teachers? First off, they are already underpaid and overworked, and as a result most of them are leaving the country, shifting to a course that is "of the rage" now (at the moment, Culinary Arts seem to be it) and getting themselves employed overseas where they get paid more than what they get from their original profession. 

This is the sad truth, yet the government is proud to have OFWs because they can render service and foreign dollars into our economy, but then, are we going to be OFWs forever? Can't we actually generate jobs which can have a strong impact on our economy? Can't we raise the salaries of teachers and all our laborers? Don't you think it is unfair that OFWs have to face the possibility of suffering overseas due to illegal recruiters and abusive employers? 

I am not saying that the OFWs have not done anything for the country. As I stated earlier, they do bring in foreign currencies to our economy and are vital to the structure. However, given that most of them suffer overseas without compensation and such, it is as if we are sending OFWs abroad as slaves. Sorry for the harsh term, but YES, SOMETIMES this happens... and our government usually fails to prevent this...

Back to the issue at hand, if the government does not do something right now to try to improve the quality of our education, then, as Ms. Pamintuan said, we are only going to be left with recollections of our past glory. Where, in the past we were in the front lines of education, today, we are sinking way, way below.

Another wake up call, Mr. President. Stop Noynoying.

Original article from Philippine Star, by Ana Marie Pamintuan. Opinion here all mine; Just my 2 cents here.