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Monday, December 17, 2012

PLM-CM 1D 2016

So, after a boring DotA game vs. bots wherein my team lost because of noob bots, here I am again. I don't even have a title for this post... yet.

Hmm, I might just watch a movie before hitting the sack. The problem is, I do not know what to watch. Can't believe the start of the break is actually this boring when I should actually be looking forward to it... And yes, it is a mystery as to why it is this way.

Most probably because I felt bitin sa Christmas Party ng 1D! Seriously we should have actually gotten a better deal than Max's =)) haha! But hey, the point here is that that is how awesome the party went -- bitin ka and you're longing for more!

These folks I met in Med school are the ones I am going to spend the rest of my professional life with. Yes, I know, every 4-5 years we all post about meeting new people and saying that they're your best buddies, blahblahblah. There are lots of folks I cherish, namely Bio 2012, Kinse and of course, 1D.

I guess it's because friendship is weird. But you know, at this age, after many friendships built and destroyed along the way, you tend to actually cherish every person you meet as you grow. Obviously, as an adult, you begin to realize that friendship isn't just about fun and games and everything we thought of when we were kids. 

Friendship isn't about the material stuff. Friendship isn't even about just meeting new people and hanging out with them. After two decades on Earth you'd realize that it is actually more than that, though I admit that I probably have to spend more decades before finally realizing the true meaning of friendship. 

You can't tell me that, after 21 years, I should actually know this true meaning already. What is this true meaning you speak of, then? 21 years isn't enough.. Friendships surpass the boundaries of time and survive the trials of hell. YES, we are already at an age where we are already adults, but reckless ones. Admit it folks! 

Though pretty soon, when we all get married and settled down, we'll all have another point of view on friendship... And then as we grow old and near our deaths, a new point of view would arise. Life is weird, isn't it? Every single day it gives you different experiences. In the end, when you look back, you'd be thanking life for being a bitch most of the time.

And so yes indeed, 1D 2016, you guys rock. Whatever happens we all should stick together, stay strong. You see, trials will come and test us all. I believe we are all mature enough to actually stay sane and hold our heads up high against these trials. 

Yo, seriously though, I miss you guys. Til Jan 2, 2013, then!