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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Missile Launch

Image from ANC 24/7 FB Page.

IMO, we should at least be able to breathe easy because there is no reported radioactive material carried on board. Neither would it be used as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). We shouldn't hype things up too much.

AFAIK, it is a satellite launch as well, right? So isn't it like America launching a satellite into space? However, what bothers me is that reports say it is a "disguised ballistic missile test". Indeed this would be bothersome for us who live along the path of the missile.

However, I would like to echo the sentiments of my friends, teachers, and most Filipinos: Yes, it is a test, there are indeed risks involved, but then why does it have to land in our sovereign territory?

I hope it would be intercepted by other countries before it reaches the Philippines. The only possible problem would be that that action might become a call for war. Let us hope that this is indeed JUST A SATELLITE LAUNCH and NOT A DISGUISED BALLISTIC MISSILE LAUNCH. News articles online say this would breach a UN Sanction on NoKor on Missile tests if I'm not mistaken.

Oh well, NoKor, you guys are really hard headed, ain't you?

Just my thoughts.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What lies ahead?

No one knows what lies ahead, so it is best that we all stay prepared, always.

Of course, sometimes we can anticipate or even hope for the best, but the truth is, we will never really know what lies ahead.

Faith can be a great help because the stronger your faith, the more positive your outlook to the future becomes, or so they say.

Random thoughts.