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Friday, October 31, 2014

UPDATED POST! PLM College of Medicine: Application for A.Y. 2015-2016

The application period for the coming academic year 2015-2016 would begin officially on November 3, 2014. Medical Student hopefuls are once again encouraged to come and apply!

You may refer to the official website here or you may choose to read my friend's blog on his experience, where he will give you readers some tips and interesting things to take note of. 

Please do take note that some requirements MAY HAVE BEEN CHANGED or UPDATED; It is advisable to call the College of Medicine Office at (02) 527-9067.

I will give you a glimpse of what you will all go through; it all boils down to three processes (and a bonus fourth one):

  1. NMAT (NMAT is good for 2 years, as far as I know; so those who took the April 2013 NMAT may still be eligible for application. Once again, please do confirm this with the Office.
  2. MCAT, the official entrance examination of the PLM College of Medicine. During my time it was somewhat like a harder, time-pressured version of the NMAT; recently though there had been changes to the exam format. Just prepare yourselves, in every way possible.
  3. INTERVIEW; you are going to be interviewed by our doctor-professors. Please do follow the proper interview etiquette and of course, dress smartly. The interview is a one-on-one, usually. The questions they ask, up to you to find out, they're basically situational.
  4. BONUS: THE BIG WAITFORIT; possibly the most agonizing wait in your life. PLM-CM takes its time in releasing the results and is usually the last Medical School to announce. It is worth the wait, though.

If you really, really want to get in to PLM-CM, start preparing early (requirements, for NMAT if you have not taken it yet, for the MCAT, for the interview) and be patient with the results. Or you may text me or any Medical Alliance members; how's that for you? You'll have upper batch med students to rant to or voice out your concerns!

With that, you may also contact me through my number: +639151913719 or +639323445539. I will try to answer your queries from the point of view of a PLM-CM Med Student (and of course someone who once underwent that application process)!

Good luck and God bless, AY 2015-2016 Applicant Hopefuls! See you all around soon ;)

UPDATE, November 13, 2014:

Here's a bonus infographic from us, the MEDICAL ALLIANCE RENDERING SERVICE TO FELLOWMEN (MARSF) & the MEDICAL UNION FOR SERVICE (MUS) on the steps. Remember that this is an unofficial guide, since the official one comes from the office itself.


1. Those with failures during their undergrad MAY APPLY again. Seems that PLM CM has lifted this restriction recently.

2. Extended up to FEBRUARY 13, 2015 ang DEADLINE for application.

(c) John Albert Dy


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Post Shiftings

That was almost 1000 scantron circles shaded.

It's all done!

Hoping for the best.. Maintain :)

Lord, kayo na po bahala :)

Just my 2 cents!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GC Rant

Just had to vent this out. Not really a bad thing, just excited I guess.

SAYANG! I should have gone to Doc Guzman when I had the chance. Malaman ko lang sana agad score ko sa Med I exam yesterday. Haha! GC Mode on. 

Prepped really well for that exam, and it's my favorite subject, but it still was tricky pero I'm holding on to the fact that naretain mga inaral/narinig ko during lectures at nagprevail *crossing muh finguhs*.

Haha. Sana po swabe ;) 

There you go, kinda missed blogging.

Just my 2 cents!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PLM College of Medicine Application Results 2014-2015

The results are out now!

Here's a glimpse of the official list :D Also, be reminded that you should all reserve your slots by May 19, 2014.

Please do like these pages for more info:

Click on the image to enlarge it:

Congratulations to all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MARSF Booksale 2014!

Good day PLM Med Hopefuls & Fellow PLM Med folks, and all Med students!

Our organization, the Medical Alliance Rendering Service to Fellowmen (MARSF) of PLM College of Medicine, is once again here to bring you the annual MARSF Booksale!

You may contact me via this blog, on FB (JVBoy Aclan), on Twitter (@jvboytheman) or text me at 0915-191-3719 for details and when you want to place your orders.

Or you guys may choose to directly contact my orgmates whose names appear in the succeeding images.

Thank you!

Click on the images to enlarge 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coming Soon: Project V

As medical students, we can't help but wonder why, in every single day, it seems as though the volume of workload keeps increasing exponentially. It is really tiring, and most of us are already beginning to be burnt out. Oh, #MedLife indeed.

But fret not! Because...

Vertigo 2014: Project V
is Coming Soon!

Credits to John Albert Dy

We'll finally have a chance to unleash the party animal inside of us that has been rampaging lately because of all the workload that is burdening us! Hoo boy, I seriously can't wait!

We're not only partying for ourselves, mind you readers. This party is for a cause, and all proceeds will be donated to the Yolanda victims. Remember, we have a duty as Medical Students and future medical professionals to serve our fellowmen! 

Save the Date!
February 1, 2014!