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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coming Soon: Project V

As medical students, we can't help but wonder why, in every single day, it seems as though the volume of workload keeps increasing exponentially. It is really tiring, and most of us are already beginning to be burnt out. Oh, #MedLife indeed.

But fret not! Because...

Vertigo 2014: Project V
is Coming Soon!

Credits to John Albert Dy

We'll finally have a chance to unleash the party animal inside of us that has been rampaging lately because of all the workload that is burdening us! Hoo boy, I seriously can't wait!

We're not only partying for ourselves, mind you readers. This party is for a cause, and all proceeds will be donated to the Yolanda victims. Remember, we have a duty as Medical Students and future medical professionals to serve our fellowmen! 

Save the Date!
February 1, 2014! 



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