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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Write Stuff

It's been a long while since I updated my blog. Anyway, I would not be ranting about anything politically related in this post! Let's just say this is more of a personal one. So, some small stuff first:

The start of the second semester has truly been eventful. I am thankful that my second shifting grades were quite good, and that at least I now have assurance that I can do it! Though, a problem is that the start of the third shifting is not really as good though, mejo I know I can do event better pa, so it means during this Christmas break I MUST indeed study well to prepare for the last 2 shiftings for my First Year. After this, summer break na! And then, second year na.. Second year in Medical School. For that I must do my best. Oh, wait, not only for myself but for everyone else. I promised to help those na mas nangangailangan pa saken, and I vow to fulfill that promise. Kapit tayo, mga kaibigan!

Oh yeah, I'm now a member of MARSF as well. I never regretted this decision of mine and will never do so. Proud to be part of a close knit family! Also, I'm damn proud of my batchmates. Haha! These sisters of mine never fail to make me smile everyday :) Mahal ko kayo batchmates! 

Moving on..

I like poetry. Oh, and whenever creativity hits me with a power over 9000, I write, be it a poem or a blog entry. My poetry is reserved for a special someone. Because I am not as artistic as most of my friends, I guess poetry is my way of expressing, like drawing is to an artist. I never really just pick out the words to rhyme; what happens is they just hit me in the head and I keep repeating it to myself until I find some pen and paper to write them down.

I guess most people think that poetry is easy to do so. Basta hanap ka lang ng nagrrhyme na words ok na yun. However, it is not that simple. In a stanza or two you gotta give the gist of what you really mean. Poetry is special, in a way that it somehow never really seems to talk "clearly" but when you read it carefully, you get the message in a flash. 

I admit; it is actually difficult. Sometimes, when I write a poem, I think it is already quite good, but after re-reading it, I tear the paper to pieces and start anew. :| yeah I know, perfectionist? I am not really a perfectionist but of course I do my best job in everything I do. Di naman kasi pwede basta-basta ka lang magsusulat, di ba? But hey, the reward comes when one simple poem can actually change the course of things. I don't know, it has happened before to me. It is weird, yes, but kinda cool, actually.

For now, I'll leave y'all with a line. This is my next work, I guess. Still building from scratch..

"The morning sun greeted me; I awoke with a start
I dreamed of you, and longing ached my heart"

Haha. Emo? Nope. Di pa nga tapos di ba? haha!

Just my 2 cents!

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