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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Goodbye 2012 and Welcome 2013!

It has been a great 2012. Yes, obviously there were ups and downs, as normally would happen in life. But hey, never forget to count your blessings ALWAYS. Life itself is already a huge blessing!

Some highlights of my year 2012:

  • Graduation! Bio 2012, you homies would forever be part of my life.
  • PLM-CM! That day when I learned I wasn't a first lister.. Yeah, it sucked real bad. I was down for quite some time. But it was a good lesson for me; sometimes you fall but you gotta stand up. You can't always go on being up there, you gotta experience some failures to learn to live life to the fullest.
    • Like Dr. Wayne told Bruce: "Why do we fall? So we can learn to PICK OURSELVES UP" 
  •  PLM-CM! Again, when I got accepted! Thank the Lord for his wonderful blessings. And because I was accepted to PLM, I met..
  • PLM-CM 1D 2016. Yeap, my section. New classmates, but quickly we evolved into a family. Glad to have met these people as well. Forever grateful to them for truly we all got each others' backs. Without them, Medicine Life would have been kind of boring
    • And of course, could I ever forget the alamat boys? Yeap, we're that awesome. And the DotA boys of course! 
    • Obviously, special mention din dapat ang mga magagadang girls ng 1D. Oh yeah!
  • NALCA Trading as I see it had a great year, thanks to the hard work and efforts of my parents. Inspiration, indeed, for me to persevere in Medicine (Cheesy I know but what the heck, that's the truth yo)
  • My brods and sisses (MARSF/MUSSS). Never regretted my decision. Glad to be part of this awesome family as well. Another big reason why Med Life ain't boring or difficult or hell
    • Special mention goes to my Batchmates! Love you Ladies. Yeah, I'm a sole thorn among a group of roses, but never felt pushed aside. Glad to be part of their 2012 as well :)
  • Rest in Peace, Lola Lucy, you'll always be remembered :)
  • Football! I finally got to play Football after quite a while. Glad to be part of PLM-CM's Men's Football team. We got a match this Jan. 12-13, so prepping up through workouts.. :))

I guess that's about it. Actually I probably have more to add, but obviously I'm kind of high at the moment, had lots to drink with my Dad. Oh yeah, that's one thing to add pala, its really cool to drink with your dad. True story!

Anyway, here's to an awesome 2013 for everyone! Stay safe and enjoy! Positive outlook for the future, yo!

PS. To you, for the opportunity to get to know you. :) Glad that happened. True that I have feelings for you; and yes they are sincere. You and you alone :) 

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