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Monday, March 19, 2012

Google AdSense & Nuffnang: Clarifications

I am in need of some clarifications.. I am not sure whether Google AdSense would allow me to use Nuffnang as well. 

Nuffnang mentioned that I "shouldn't have any problems with putting Google AdSense and Nuffnang in one page because Nuffnang was designed not to look like AdSense"..

I hope I'm not doing anything wrong though. Any tips?



  1. I use Nuffnang but stopped using google. Since I found better and faster options (in fact already got paid faster than adsense). This is speaking from a webmaster with traffic insignificant to adsense's interests.

    Besides, adsense doesn't pay via Paypal which is a turn off.

    1. Thanks chorva. How long does it take before Nuffnang pays btw?

    2. You'll have to wait 60 days if you're a non-Glitterati member. 30 for Glitterati. Not sure how to attain Glitterati status but I got mine quickly like 2 months? I think they check your traffic and how long you are serving their ads.

      I'll make it clear in this post that I haven't cashed out from NuffNang but from other advertising programs instead. (Besides, NuffNang doesn't pay via PayPal and I do feel like replacing it soon with a better option).