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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

pRO surprise this week! (the first!)

Check it out on Facebook: Philippine Ragnarok Online Official Page

Damn, another week of spending roks for Tokens, Insurance, and ESBs! Bossnia is an awesome way to level up with your friends in pRO (Valhalla is my server btw).

There is a trick in the dungeon where you just have to locate Ifrit in his spawn area. Once you kill Ifrit, another one will spawn in that area immediately, so its kind of an unlimited way of gaining experience points, especially for those characters that have had their job levels left behind their character base levels!

Here's the catch though: You can't be resurrected inside Bossnia, so you have to depend on your tokens of ziegfried (thus you gotta spend lots of roks for lots of these @_@)

Photo from the PRO Official Page on FB. Image is not mine.


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