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Monday, March 19, 2012

The dreaded bX-e0spcu error!

Ok, for all you Blogger users, probably most of you have already experienced this error. I just did, earlier, and while searching Google for possible answers/solutions to this problem, I realized there wasn't any. Seriously, even in the help forums for Blogger.

So what to do now? I found a possible solution, and that is to delete any existing custom CSS that you might have put in. It seems that this is what is causing the error. 

Go to Blogger Template Designer > Advanced > Add CSS, then delete your custom CSS. I did this earlier (Added some custom CSS, got the bX-e0spcu error), but when I deleted the custom CSS, everything was back to normal.

Well, I hope this is useful to all my fellow blogger users. All images are mine, btw. 


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