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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A simple Hybrid Type Rune Knight Guide (pRO Valhalla)

Note: I am from Philippine Ragnarok Online, Valhalla Server, so some settings and re-balancing have not yet reached us as of today, March 20th. We expect this around September-October. My character is Slim.JVBoy, btw xD

Hello, let me just share my Rune Knight's build and I guess, some tricks to effectively play as a hybrid RK.

First off, stats:
My Rune Knight is a hybrid type, meaning I can dish out decent Dragon Breath damage without sacrificing too much agility for vitality, and I have enough Intelligence to provide immunities to freezing and silencing.

STR 95+4
AGI 79+4
VIT 95+5
INT 90+10
DEX 75+8
LUK 31+2

PROS - Stun proof, Freeze proof, Silence proof, decent attack, ASPD, Crit, Hit rate, decent resistance to sleep as well. Decent Storm Blast damage (before nerf)

CONS - have to use LOTS OF BUFFS TO ATTAIN 193 aspd! Also, you have to have the need for fast fingers for switching armors, etc. 

Anyhow, as you all can see, with lots of immunities and resistances, I already have an advantage in WoE while breaking the emp, especially when I'm doing it solo. My Agi would also somehow give me resistance to Gloomy Masquerade, and with AGI+20 food it is kind of possible to be immune to Gloomy, AFAIK. The only thing i hate would be dispell from the Sorcs /e1. Drat!

Usual Buffs

  • Giant Growth Rune
  • Isia Rune/Vitality Activation
  • Fighting Spirit Rune
  • Stone Skin Rune
  • Millenium Shield Rune(Advantage in 1v1 at PVP; advantage during WoE and when you are breaking the emperium; Use wisely; has a 1 minute Cooldown)
  • +20 Food Buffs/+10 Food Buffs
  • Guarana Candy
  • Berserk Potions & Celermine
  • Abrasive (adds to Critical Rate)

With these buffs its possible to attain 192-193 ASPD (193 usually with buffs from ABs). With high ATK, High Crit, High hit rate and advantage against melee enemies (Stone Hard Skin!)

Guarana Candy adds 10% IAS and also allows for Increased Movement speed, useful for rushing toward the emperium.

Some Tricks and Tips:

  • Never be afraid to use your runes, but at the same time, use them wisely, especially the Verkana (Millennium Shield) and the Rhydo (Crushing Strike, pre-balance patch). You can use runes while asleep (but not Deep Sleep), while cursed, stone cursed, Curse Circled/Root since these runes are item-based skills
  •  Status weapons help alot; be they spears or swords, they can give you an advantage over your enemies.
    • Sura - Sleep
    • GX - Freeze, Stone Curse/Curse, Stun, Silence
    • RK and RG - Curse, Stone Curse, Freeze (usually)
    • AB - Curse, Sleep, Stone Curse
    • SC - Try Cursing/Stone cursing them; truth be told they are hard to beat.
    • WL and Sorce - Sleep, Curse, Stun 
    • Others - Curse, Stone Curse works well
  • Status effects carry over with Dragon Breath, Ignition Break, Spear Boomerang, Sonic Wave, Hundred Spears, etc.
    • Spear Boomerang for single target (low cast delay)
    • Ignition Break/Dragon Breath for area of effect status
  • Use Frenzy (Berserk) wisely; it is usally best to use it when breaking the emp. During 1v1 situation, only use it when you have no healing items left, because it can be easily countered by your opponent; however, you still are a "howling mad, raging slashing machine!"
  • Death Bound kills; know which skills in RO are melee/physical for you can Dbound them. Make sure you  are facing the opponent when casting Dbound or else it won't work at all. Melee Physical Attacks can be Dbound too; just time it properly
    • The timing would be when you cast Death Bound, you will glow with an aura (for around 1-2 seconds); during this time, any attack you receive will be amplified and reflected back at the enemy while you yourself receive a portion of the damage too
  • Gloomy + Lex Aeterna + Clashing Spiral = 1 hit K.O.
  • Dragon Howling pwns, especially when you are up against high flee classes
  • It is possible to kill a Sura who is going to Guillotine Fist you with Parry + Reflect (Valk Manteau, Orc Lord Card/Scroll); you parry the attack but the Sura eats the reflect damage and dies ;)
  • Practice Spam-Bashing. Stun Prone enemies die quick this way
  • The effects Atlas Weapon (Atroce's Blade), Mailbreaker and Swordbreaker carry over with Dragon Breath; use it to break you enemy!

Well, that's all I have for now. Will update this anytime :)

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