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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Of False Warps and Fair Gaming

So tonight was another War of Emperium, 2nd Edition for our server, pRO Valhalla. 

Guess what? The guild I was in tonight experienced false warping at its finest. Some of my guildmates were trapped in maps without move tiles (or whatever you call them haha!), so it, sad to say, effectively destroyed our siege plans because we became disoriented and disorganized, trying to move from one save point to another while storming a castle.

That acolyte with an attitude even taunted us that we were losers, and he even told off one of our Suras that his Guillotine Fist skill was "weak". That got me thinking that this guy's main character most probably belonged to the three guilds we were battling tonight, because he knew the damage of our Sura's skill and he taunted the Sura, calling him weak.

If you were to ask me, this asshole deserved my fist in his face. Personally, I suspect that he belonged to one of the guilds we were battling tonight because of his taunts. I can't fucking believe that these guys can be so desperate that they resort to dirty tactics just to win. 

IMO, these assess got no gaming talent and no sportsmanship. Yeah I know, its just a game, but that's the point: IT'S JUST A GAME. Do you have to resort to below the belt tactics? Can't you all just enjoy the whole WoE? I enjoyed it, honestly, even if we didn't get a castle tonight, because for crying out loud IT'S JUST A GAME. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That's life, bros. Think about it.


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