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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This was exactly one year ago.

The first exam results came; I felt elated. And then when the next results were shown, I felt down. I began to wonder whether it was going to be an unending cycle of ups and downs here in Med School. I always wanted it to be full of ups, no downs.

It was after my first year in Medicine when I realized and confirmed that indeed, life is a wheel. Sometimes you're on top, then suddenly you'll find yourself way below. It isn't a cruel cycle; it is a fact of life that we have to live and deal with. I'm irreg now, but that doesn't mean I have to give up, does it? Fate can be cruel, but it's all up to one to adjust and deal with it.

It is indeed quite difficult to adjust to changes. One month in, and you'll begin to thank your classmates for the little things they do for you, be it simple or grand. You have your classmates who are experiencing what you are going through. You have your parents, your family, who will support you no matter what (kahit minsan, hindi mo ramdam). You have your brods and sisses, who share your joys and tears, through thick and thin, who'll never leave your side when you need them the most.

They always say that the beginning is always the hardest. But it doesn't mean that you'll just have to give up just because you think you can't make it through. Perseverance is the key. Add that to Faith and you'll find yourselves breezing through the hardships.

Remember that we are all in this together. Walang iwanan.


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