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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red Tape

Red tape everywhere. In offices, in the government, even in the schools.

It is an obvious fact that this happens everywhere in our country. But the fact that it begins at the level of the school is too much. This is why people resort to fixers and other illegal ways of obtaining things because of precious time wasted thanks to Red Tape.

Red Tape is about excessive rigidity to "rules" to the point that it becomes redundant and begins to hinder proper decision making and actions. Understandable that people are just "following policies", but then how do you explain "following policies" when these people themselves are not even updated with the latest changes in their policies? Inayos na nga para di mahirapan mga students at mga tao pero sunod sunod pa din sila sa lumang policiya. Too stubborn to submit to change, I guess?

Change is inevitable. Accept it. We can't tell them to "do their jobs properly" because they know their jobs well enough, but that's the point, they know it well and we don't and they can fool us and/or play around with us just because they can.

But we can't allow this. We must rise up and be vigilant against this type of oppression. We are a democratic country, so they say, thus we should exercise our rights as citizens to suppress the oppression. 

It is never wrong to voice out one's thoughts, opinions or suggestions; let us just do it in a proper and civil way.

Just my 2 cents!

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