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Friday, July 26, 2013


Adaptation is the key to survival. As a biologist, I should know this by heart, because the fittest and the strongest ones would withstand the forces of Nature trying to wipe them out from the face of the Earth.

Adjustment is like adaptation. You either fit in or you conk out. Adjustment can be akin to trying to move on after a devastating crisis. It may be positive or negative.

Sometimes, people adjust negatively. They tend to shut themselves in. They tend to let their hearts harden and eventually turn them in to a bitter shadow of their former selves. And then, with that, their world slowly shatters...

Why do we adjust negatively? Because we have fear. Fear is something we should be thankful of. Without fear, we can never become stronger. Fear is good but we should not let it consume us; instead we should face it and overcome it. We should become fear itself...

...or maybe, we should adjust positively. There are endless possibilities in every single thing in this world. They usually are triggered at the right moment when we least expect it. Things do happen for a reason. Maybe, if we all took one step at a time and see things in a different light... things will become better. Also, as the cliche saying goes, Time heals everything.

Adjusting is hard. We all hate change, because change is the only permanent thing in this world. Change can be an unforseen delay in Medical School, an opportunity lost because of things one fought for, a lost love, a lost friendship or even things as simple as being left behind and feeling alone. 

But change is good. Change is, more often than not, for the better. In a fast paced world today, a second differs significantly greater from the last or the next. One minute you feel great, the next, you suddenly feel alone.

But that's the point - you adapt. you adjust. The rate of change today grows exponentially. And it is yourself that you pull down, when you decide never to adapt or to just adjust negatively. Never let yourself be caught in the web. You are stronger than that. 

Adjust well, and you will see how bright things actually are. Adjust well, and you will see things differently, for there is always a silver tint on the clouds of doubt.

Just my 2 cents!

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