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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The consequences of our actions

Since yesterday I was already worried about this. I had some reassurance that it was not about us but in general, pinpointing to everyone. However, this morning I had a different point of view from another person regarding this. -_-

You see, it is quite sad that some people would be dragged into an issue just because of affiliations or of friends. It is very disappointing that those who are quiet and minding their own business are suddenly put in the spotlight for something they had no idea of nor had no hand in... Just because of what others might have done :|

I solve cases for the fact that I get to advance in Pathology, Pharmacology and Medicine, given my irregular status now that I have lots of free time so I'm devoting it to studies. If I'm implicated in this then what sense would there be in solving the cases knowing that Doc might not trust me anymore? Knowing that doc might tell me that it is disappointing that I broke a promise when I did not?

I sound guilty, but I am not. The fact of the matter is that I promised not to teach anyone nor spoonfeed regarding the cases. Allegedly there is a passing of "knowledge" between different sections. And I am not included here but then of course, I might be implicated because I have brods and sisses among the freshies. Not that doc will jump into conclusions or that its my brods and sisses' faults, but then, I'm just paranoid, I guess. Ayoko masira trust ni doc saken :( that is why I kept my promise not to share answers to anyone.

Even with my OWN brods and sisses I did not share the answer. In our fraternity and sorority, we were taught not to go the easy way but to earn everything with sweat, blood and tears. So, you can all imagine the pain now, that is, some of those who are innocent might be implicated. Damay-damay ang lahat.

That is why we were all taught, starting at home, that whatever we do, we should stop and think before acting, because our actions would have consequences, be it good, or bad. Sometimes, we rush forward and regret it in the end.  Regrets come last, in the end, when everything has occurred. Sometimes, we just have to stop and think before acting. We would hurt less people this way, do less/no harm at all.

There is nothing else I can do. All I can do is just to still continue upholding Integrity and being honest. I'll just keep doing the good that I'm doing, like doc told me to...

Just my 2 cents!