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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Dark Knight

From my childhood until today I have always admired the Dark Knight, the Batman. I am not an avid collector of figurines (I opened them up and played with them, thus decreasing their worth to less than a cent) but I did read the comics (though I stopped for sometime when I got introduced to the Marvel Universe) and watched all the movies (Batman and Robin to TDKR).

Who is the Batman? I have always pictured myself a hero: One with powers unmatchable and with an awesome costume. I admit too that I've become much engrossed in the Marvel Universe. But lately, probably due to nostalgia, I've been catching up with Batman (and DC comics in general). I admire the Dark Knight most because, though without powers, his mind works wonders. Consider him a modern day Sherlock Holmes with a fighting prowess of Sherlock himself + all the masters of martial arts. 

But that is beyond the point. Back in 2009 I read the Knightfall comics and the R.I.P Batman comics. It is unnerving to think of the sufferings the Batman endured and yet still manages to stand up and save the day. And recently (from May 2013 to today) I've started reading the Injustice: Gods among Us comic series based on the game with the same name. The Dark Knight has once again faced trials and tribulations, yet this doesn't break his spirit and morals, unlike that of Superman's (SPOILER ALERT).

Unbreakable. That is what the Dark Knight is. If I were to see myself as the Dark Knight, I should be unbreakable too, considering what I had to go through (refer to my most recent posts please). What I have lost will never be taken back, but I will bounce back. 

Damn it, it still hurts whenever I ponder how I was cheated (pun intended, EHEM) of my 2nd year just because of what I stood for. Then, when the truth was told to me, I felt peace. I confirmed from that truth what I always knew: that I never failed in my duties as a student and as a leader, that I did excel gloriously in all my subjects, that I was hit way low because of what I stood for. Too late to do anything.. My fault. Oh well. Like I said, I will just have to bounce back because what I lost can never be taken back. 

The news feed on FB haunts me as my friends rant about exams that I should also be ranting about. I consider this 1.5th year a blessing though. Probably need to rest myself for a greater fight ahead of me. And when I return, expect theatericalities. Just kidding.

I also hope to return as a leader. Technicalities may hinder that because I'm irregular, but let's hope not. This 1.5th year also defines me as a leader; I therefore must prove myself otherwise. This is more of a Captain America thing now, but I still believe in the dark knight; he can be a leader. I'm waiting for the day he will lead the Justice League and take over for Superman.

One last point: The Dark Knight defends others, and stands for his ideals. No trial should break one's morals apart; it should instead make one stronger. Yes, I am irregular, which I now feel is for a purpose, and lately I am beginning to see it, and that is why I believe that I should be..

" A Silent Guardian... A Watchful Protector... A Dark Knight"
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