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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To fix a clog

The MMDA has recently opened a new Interim Terminal at the old Uniwide Coastal Mall. It aims to decongest the traffic jam of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard. Good plans, actually. However, there were overlooked problems.
Rain + the new scheme = EPIC TRAFFIC at Coastal Road.
For one, many commuters were caught unaware with the new scheme. I, for example, had to figure out (and I still am doing so at the moment) a new way to get home and get to PLM/Manila on time. It seems that even the registered UV Express vans were affected and are being supposedly "captured" by enforcers. My usual 50php, 1 ride commute to Manila may now be increased, with several rides before getting to my destination. Not very efficient IMO.
Understandable that the aim is to ease traffic flow; however, commuters coming from Cavite, Laguna and other south side provinces are now probably wondering how to get to Manila, since, Cavitenos for example, provincial buses are now limited to the Interim Terminal. 
Another problem is how the jeepneys made Coastal Road-Roxas Blvd. look like a free-for-all passenger terminal. It caused heavy traffic at the end of the Coastal-Northbound Road. The buses were also clogging up at the D. Macapagal Blvd-MIA Rd. It caused much frustration to those coming from the south side, with many commuters getting delayed with appointments and such. 
Also, the issue of the transport fares is dragged here because, in truth, commuters have to readjust not only their commuting budget but also their physical selves to adapt to this new scheme. 
To be fair, I can see the honest intentions of the MMDA Chair Tolentino. However, it seems, as my sis Myka said, that the plan was kind of rushed head-on without appropriate planning to address possible problems and to minimize these. We are all hoping, however, that the scheme would soon be reorganized and that soon enough, the flow of traffic and commuting problems such as transport fees would be smoother and easier.
Still, though I really, really am pissed off, kudos to MMDA for trying. More planning and brainstorming, though! 
Just my 2 cents!

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