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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Piling Glory upon Glory?

It's a dream come true for someone to get everything he wished for: Fame, Power, Money. But these things come with a price. In retrospect, it has been a "glorious year" for one. He has the positions, the leadership and the name. But is it worth it with what has transpired throughout his term?

He is known to be a responsible one. That's a trademark, they said. But in the span of one year, things seem to have changed. No longer is he that way. Gone is the man they can count on; in his place stands a shattered shadow of a former self. 

He has done everything he can, but nothing is going right. What legacy is there left for him to leave? He seems to have led his people back to hell instead of getting out of it. 

With what energy he has left, let's see if he can rise from the abyss.


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