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Saturday, November 30, 2013

PLM College of Medicine Application for AY 2014-2015


The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine is now officially open to applications for the coming Academic Year 2014-2015. Medical Student Hopefuls are encouraged and invited to come!

Contact the CM office anytime from 8am to 5pm thru this number: (02) 527-9067 

You may also contact me via my personal number (+63 915 191 3719) 

My good friend has a nice write up regarding his experience and will to help those wanting to try their luck at the PLM-CM. Click HERE to learn more.

Basically, the application process is simple. You just need the requirements as seen in my friend's blog and of course, your NMAT. PLM hopefuls would undergo three "processes" as I prefer to call them, namely:

- Interview

Now, the NMAT should have been taken at least last November 23, 2013, for the results should not be later than 2-3 years and not on April 2014. No PLM student knows the breakdown on how these three processes are evaluated, i.e which has the biggest percentage, etc., but it is highly (and obviously) recommended that all medschool hopefuls aim high!

The MCAT, during my time, was like a harder, time-pressured version of the NMAT. Last year was a different story, according to the freshies. I believe our college is trying different strategies in choosing the best among the best. 

The interview usually comes before the MCAT. All I can say is: be honest, respectful and HUMBLE.

AY '14-'15 hopefuls, kaya niyo yan. Isang malaking "TIWALA LANG" at sipag at pagtyaga ang kailangan niyo! Remember that PLM is the med school that takes the longest time in releasing its results, so if you really, really want to enter PLM-CM, assert yourself to do well in the three "processes" and always be patient :)

Good luck! 
Hope to see you all soon!