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Saturday, June 1, 2013

At the End of Trials

After all the trials we go through, only in the end do we say "it was worth it". And yes, it's a true story.

After all that happened to me, I'm now praying for the best things to come for everyone else. I can totally say, "it was worth it". I can now say, "I am stronger than ever". Trials should make you, not break you. 

Hell, I faced "Magicians" who can change "Numbers" so easily that those deserving fell, while the, let me put it this way, "undeserving ones" run away, scot-free like criminals on the loose. Magicians do not like outspoken people. Magicians abhor those who fight for Integrity and Justice. I may always tell people that my case was "kung ano itinaas nung isa, yun naman yung grabeng binagsak nung isa", but that's only one-half of the real story. 

Like my mother told me before, "ang mga taong naiinggit sayo ay gagawa at gagawa ng paraan upang sirain/siraan ka. Maghanda ka lagi at tibayan ang iyong loob". And because of that, everyone's got to wait one whole year before they see my name among the Top Ten students of my batch. Damn it. Oh well, just mark my words.. Oh wait, baka may mainggit nanaman. Hah, Let me see y'all try your BS again; I assure you it will backfire on you.

I've also faced cowards, and I must say, only when they are many in count do they grow balls. Academically, wala silang mapintas saken. (Let me see them try, mahiya kayo sa grades ko at sa galing ko). Socially, I guess wala rin sila mapintas. So cowards tend to resort to childish ways. Stupid, silly ways that are so petty. Cowards ask for respect, but they don't even know how to respect. You see the irony in that? I wonder why they do not see the obvious when it is already under their noses.

But of course, I still am civil. As I posted long before, anyone can approach me if they want to talk to me about something or about a problem, yun nga lang, let's just be civil and respect each other. All I can say is, like my good friend, my brod, said, "One Rhoan alone can easily trump and outwit six others. True story."

And there are many, many more trials that I faced. Some petty, some heavy. But it has now come to this, that the fruits of one's labor may soon be reaped. All the trails, all the pain suffered, it is all worth it. Another trial looms upon the horizon, and yes, I am ready.

Just my 2 cents!

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