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Saturday, April 13, 2013

One Final Drop of Bitterness before Moving Forward

Let me just share one final drop of bitterness and hatred before I finally move on.

Yesterday was the promotions board. As I already expected, I would be delayed because of Biochem. It was my waterloo this first year, considering how I got grades of 80 and above in all my other subjects and how I would have maintained my scholarship when these grades, including my 71 in Biochemistry, were computed. Yes, I would have a GWA of 2.25 (I think; I'm not exactly sure) or approximately 81-82 average.

Like what a dear professor/friend told me when I thanked her for her support, she felt na sayang talaga yung iba kong grades, considering that they were quite good which shows that I could actually manage Medical School amidst all the stresses, the extra-curriculars (Org work, Student Council), and Issues (the cheating issue that is related to Biochem).

Yes, I believe I can actually do it. My only flaw was probably my 4th shifting and Final exam in Biochem. I can humbly say that I did have a really difficult time with those two exams. I studied hard, like everyone does, but I guess I did not do enough. I still thank God for the grace He has given me in allowing me to achieve awesome grades in the other subjects, most especially for Anatomy and Physiology. 

Where does the bitterness come in, then? The biochem issue. The cheating issue. There are certain flaws to this, however, because most of what we have as evidence is HEARSAY. We, as a batch, do not have concrete, hard evidence; however what we do have is the irregularity in terms of the grades of these certain people and their performance in the said subject and in other subjects (So I've heard as well). I do not want to slam them anymore for being "undeserving" but passed the subject while I crawled and stumbled down but did not participate in this alleged "Cheating".

I can only hope that God who sees all and knows all would deal with them in His Own Way and His Own time. I can only pray for them and their future patients. Yes, it is so unfair, it so much unfair that I have to suffer but I did my best without any regrets while they supposedly simply hurr-durr'd around that subject and passed without any trouble. 

One can say that "it's their privilege for being there" (won't speak about it here), but come on, where is your Integrity? I would really, really, REALLY love to guilt-trip them but I guess I'd rather be the bigger man.  Pero remember this: Gusto mo ko lampasuhin sa lahat? Tss, Lumaban ka ng patas. Pero yun nga lang, lugi ka na saken, sa grades pa lang (yes including biochem, kahit may mahika kang panglamang. Oops)

My parents are right; I do have to learn some tricks and trades in this politically-motivated and unfair world we live in. Though, one thing I do not agree with them is that I have my own way, and I prefer my own tricks and trades without sacrificing my name and my Integrity. Kumbaga, may simpleng yabang ako

To conclude, I'd just like to congratulate all those who deserved to be promoted :) and for those I mentioned in this post, I also congratulate you guys. I am honestly keeping myself free from hatred and I'm praying for these certain group of people. 

Sana wag niyo na ulitin ito, para sa kapakanan din ito ng future patients ninyo at para din sa mga pangalan niyo.. And yes, feel free to approach me anytime, I don't bite because I'd prefer to treat everyone as a good friend, yung tipong walang plastikan.

God is mysterious, indeed. But God is Good, all the time. Always.
Congratulations Batch 2016! We are all one step closer to our dreams! 

Just my 2 cents!

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  1. >:D< You fought the good fight, friend. I'm proud of you. You went through alot and to be able to still be positive is a great thing. You'll be a great doctor and do I know it, yes I do! :D