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Friday, September 28, 2012


Since my last post there had been so many issues that I/we faced. Welcome to another edition of a long post.

Anyway, for one issue, I won't elaborate any further.. Any fellow students of mine from school would understand this issue. All I can say now is that we wait. True justice comes in the form of karma. God knows all, sees all, and I believe He will bless those who do things the right way. The right way is doing things with integrity, honesty, selflessness and objectivity. Let's all give 100% in everything we do. And for all of us, since there are times we don't do things the right way because we aren't perfect, let us all pray for forgiveness and focus hard on doing our work conscientiously. :)

We wait, as I said, because for now this issue can only be resolved if there are people who aren't afraid to fight for what is right. Kung alam mo na ang gagawin mo ay para sa ikabubuti ng lahat, for the greater good, then GO FOR IT. Never fear setbacks, FIGHT for what is RIGHT!

Another issue at hand is the new Cybercrime Law. IT IS NOW A LAW. So.. supposedly, this Law would and could halt torrents and other pertinent internet activities that we, especially the youth of today, know is actually useful for us, especially in our country. Not everything on the Net is accessible to us, unless it is usually cracked, hacked or whatnot. Yes, the issue of copyright infringement is at hand here as well, but then as I said not everything, especially those that are IMPORTANT FOR SOME, is accessible to us here in the Philippines. For example, some medical books are hard to find here but have copies floating around cyberspace, accessible with a click of the mouse. I admit that I have several Medical e-books that I got from P2P torrent. 

As you can see, the use of Torrents, a bane to the government (maybe) and to those supposedly affected by it, but useful for us, especially students, should continue, in my opinion. It has been a way for most people to be able to share large volumes of data and files across the web and it should remain that way. The Cybercrime Law shouldn't interfere with this.. Kung sabihin na ang companya ay nalulugi sa torrent downloads, then why are they still standing strong today even if torrents are already very rampant? I think they are not really affected so much, probably only a small percentage if I may say so. I'd like to believe that they also generate a large revenue for their mere presence and advertising online.

I don't know though. I'm not an IT and Politics expert. However, I can say interference of the Cybercrime Law on our Internet activities would be akin to suppressing our freedom of expression. YES, of course there is a need to REGULATE freedom of expression, yung tipong wag naman sobrang abusado sa pag-gamit ng Freedom of Expression.. But then even before the Cybercrime Law there were already "house rules" of the Internet that people follow, and this for me makes the Cybercrime Law irrelevant. And to think that this was passed in the height of the issue of plagiarism done by Senator Sotto, who said he was being bullied online. LOL, so that's why the Law was passed, is it? So shameful if it is so, using the Law for your own interest. Sana mali yung narinig ko, though.

This blog of mine, my twitter account, my Facebook, if subjected to the Cybercrime Law could make me one of the most wanted persons in the Philippines. I have said stinging comments against several politicos and in this blog of mine I have repeatedly expressed my distaste against the government. Yes, I know that I should probably regulate most of my posting (which I do naman), but I can't help but fully exercise my right to fight against corruption, against things that the apathetic groups of our countrymen care not one bit about. 

So, I challenge the proponents and supporters of the Cybercrime Law to come at me. This blog of mine is personal and everything I write here is how I feel about something. Whatever words used in this blog reflect my emotions, and this is not a blog used as a smear campaign against the government. I believe that I am using this to promote awareness toward my readers. I'd also like to believe that I am, in an indirect way, helping the government improve itself. 

In summary, TL;DR, junk the Cybercrime Law. IT IS IRRELEVANT (for me) and IT SUPPRESSES THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (as many would agree) that we enjoy. For the latter statement, let me reiterate that, YES, WE SHOULD REGULATE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, but not this way. Let it start from the end-user him/herself and not be regulated by a Law that, PROBABLY, simply is a gain for a select few (EHEM TITO SEN LOL)


I surfed the net after posting this, and was shocked to read in an article from ABS-CBN news that 

"under the new law, people can even be be sued for old Internet posts...

"If it’s still online today, but published before, it is still covered, punishable. If you didn't delete it, it's still covered..

...people can also be sued if they republish libelous content online via retweets on Twitter or sharing on Facebook."

How interesting. Are we competing with China in suppressing freedom on the Internet? Sus.

Just my 2 cents.

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