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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Long time no write!

So it has been quite some time since my last post. Hehe. Been busy with Med School, and it's just the start! I feel that pretty soon I won't be able to go online anymore. Most of the time spent online nowadays is mostly doing research, discussing cases and uploading notes & stuff that could help other classmates (and myself of course). Tulong-tulungan, as they say. That's how we survive Med School!

Before I start my usual political ranting, I'd like to add in a little med rant: I'm hoping to get some good news for several subjects in our first shifting exam :D Pray, have faith, as they say!

Alright, several issues rocked the country after the impeachment of CJ Corona (I think this was my last post). I don't exactly remember everything in detail and I might miss some of these issues. Nevertheless, here we go:

There was the never-ending rain from the Habagat that made typhoon rains look relatively harmless. Obviously, our ever-loving president and his DPWH team have not yet done anything in terms of alleviating the flood prone areas in Metro Manila and around the country. I wonder why they even halted several projects aimed to divert the water pathway and ease the flooding? I smell MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Ehem, Tuwid na daan pala ah.

And then the death of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. It was so untimely, and so sad, given that a humble official had to perish in that plane crash. Humble, because I never really heard anything bad about Sec. Robredo coming from the mouths of observers. Every column in the Philippine Star, especially Mr. Satur Ocampo and Mr. Ernie Maceda's columns always praised him for being one of the top-performing cabinet members of PNoy's administration. Those who bad-mouthed him (well, not really bad mouth per se) were mainly PNoy and his cronies. 

Hehe, now check this out: PNoy is offering the late Secretary a grand funeral whereas in reality Sec. Robredo is a simple man. Alam niyo ba, he visited UP Manila during the DSS Week and I never even noticed that. There wasn't any banner saying "WELCOME SECRETARY" or something. Basta, as far as I recall it was so simple. Scumbag PNoy is feeling guilty, I guess, for NOT PASSING SEC. ROBREDO'S NAME TO THE CA ON TIME & WITH THE CA NOT CONFIRMING HIS POST AS DILG SECRETARY. Too bad, Mr. President, you and your friends in government are bigtime scumbags who are now ass-kissing the humble late DILG Secretary. A big middle finger to you, Mr. President, and to Paquito Ochoa. I read that he is currently sitting as a temporary secretary (not sure) and I also read that he was sharing the post of DILG Secretary with Mr. Robredo before the latter's demise (unconfirmed).

Rest in Peace, Secretary Robredo. You'll always be remembered as someone who worked behind the scenes quietly. Indeed, the quiet one is someone who is much more respected than one who boasts his achievements and whatnot. I'll apply this in life, Mr. Secretary. Nangyari na rin po saken iyan nung Med School interview. I learned about humility again. :) God bless you!

Now, another issue is the plagiarism done by Senator Sotto. Wow lang, I have to admit that before this I actually respected him a lot, with his filing rape charges against the Panamanian ambassador who raped a Filipina, and some of his statements against several issues in our country. But the bumaba tingin ko sayo, Senator, NOT when I learned about your plagiarism, but when your IDIOT Chief of Staff and your Staff members proclaimed that plagiarism is normal and common. Why do you have stupid assholes working for you? Especially that Hector Villacorta. What kind of lawyer is he? Invoking God's name saying we are all copies of God, therefore we are all plagiarizers. So Fucking Stupid! 

Hector Villacorta, you deserve a huge middle finger in up your nose and ass. Ang bobo mo lang, promise. I wonder what kind of lawyer you are. You are a shame to your profession, you nincompoop.

One last issue: The new chief justice Sereno. This lady is pro-Cojuangco in terms of the Hacienda Luisita issue. I can only shake my head when I found that out. Damn you PNoy, Damn you. What kind of Tuwid na Daan is this? You should go back to Elementary and learn about straight and curved lines, so that you can finally lead us to the right Tuwid na Daan instead of the current Baluktot na Daan that we are all still traversing.

Well, there we go. Now back to Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Physiology. :)

Just my 2 cents.

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