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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Plagiarism is not a crime in the Philippines" - Sen. Tito Sotto III

First off, FU-- ok, will not curse too harshly.This comment, for me, is by far one of the stupidest, most ignoramus, most bat fuck insane comments that I've seen in recent days from the Honorable (oh really?) Senator Vicente (why do I share this name with you) Sotto III. 

How can plagiarism NOT be a crime in the Philippines? OK, so maybe we don't have a bill for that. But come on, where is your INTELLECTUAL HONESTY, Mr. Senator? Or maybe that, you do not have? Pucha, students who plagiarize their term papers and thesis get suspended or even expelled. What difference does that make for a senator, a high-ranking official in the government? Should you not be an example for your fellow Filipinos?

It is very disappointing that Sen. Tito Sotto did not even think of apologizing and shuffling his staff members or even stepping down (though, that is kind of overboard, but hey, given the situation, nakakahiya yung expose against him). I personally think that would have saved his face.

Personally, I also don't think that an act has to be decreed as a crime in order to be "illegal" or deemed or branded as "wrong-doing". We all have a conscience within us, why not listen to it, Mr. Senator? For sure alam mo naman siguro na pangogopya ay frowned upon, especially those in the academics.

I think I understand Tito Sotto though. He thinks he is being viewed now as a criminal just because he plagiarized his speech, thus his statement. Well, to be fair, I don't think he is a criminal (though the possibility of "corruption" looms...), but rather I  think he is dishonest and not credible with his statements. Malay natin kung yun mga pinagsasasabi niya kinopya lang pala niya, diba? It was his fault anyway, all this brouhaha. But in reality, it is a crime, especially in scientific communities and if I am not mistaken, in government and politics. We don't need a law stating that plagiarism is a crime; from our younger days we were all taught not to copy and to be honest, and to learn to do something on our own. Sobrang simpleng concept niyan, HONESTY. We don't need a fucking law against plagiarism to say that it is a crime or that it is wrong and unacceptable. Common sense po, Mr. Senator.

With that, Mr. Senator, I do think you understand quite well how people look at you now. May I suggest, that you just shut up and apologize? Yes, you have the right to free speech, but then sometimes not thinking before speaking could rain shit down upon you.. happened to me lots of times, and to other people as well, so you're not invulnerable from that. 

It's up to you, Sen. Tito Sotto III, if you still want to keep on babbling and looking like an idiot on TV, or to just simply apologize, accept your mistake, grow and learn from it to be a better person. The latter option, I strongly suggest for it can save what's left of your dignity and you may regain the respect of the people.

Just my 2 cents!

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