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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before moving on..

Well, the verdict is fair, in my opinion. The Senator-Judges voted based on the evidences that were presented. Good job to them, to the defense team for being just pure awesomeness especially you, Justice Cuevas! Congratulations!

And, fuck you, prosecution team, you guys can kiss my ass. Senators Enrile and Miriam did mention that you guys have more or less executed underhanded tactics just to press charges against the CJ, and, as one person over twitter said, you prosecution/team PNoy folks were, in terms of how you passed the articles of impeachment et al., "like kids who cheated in an exam and got away with it." Got away with getting someone impeached over an offense that is not really impeachable, as Sen. Miriam mentioned earlier. 

Furthermore, Senator Miriam is right - when the Prosecution team presented their case, there were "surveys", and where were these "surveys" when it was time for the Defense panel to present? Apparently someone from the yellow team more or less deliberately did this in order to drill in the minds of our fellow Filipinos that the CJ is a demon, cheater who amassed a huge amount of cash over the years. Fuck you for that, and Senator Enrile even mentioned, if I remembered correctly, that the CJ did not happen to amass illegal wealth. The CJ was rich to begin with, but he just did not correctly declare his SALN, which, I think, is not an impeachable offense. Senators mentioned that there is a Law that states that if there is an irregularity in an official's SALN, he/she should be notified and the respondent should correct it, and NOT BE PUT IN A TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. 

I really am disappointed with the votes. Some senators say that "it is for and in the interest of the public". Correct me if I am wrong, but the interest of the public is to "impeach Corona", right? Most of the people in the public, not all (for some really have their strong opinions), don't even know a damn thing about what was going on and they just rode the yellow team's bandwagon, para naman mukha silang "in". Sorry, but that's the truth; yung iba basta sinabi ng Media yun na agad yung paniniwalaan. So, in that sense, were some of the Senators actually swayed by public opinion? For the interest of the public eh.. Interest.. But, I pray, and believe, that the senators were all guided by conscience and by their analysis of the facts...

Anyhow. This would go down in history as the day the Chief Justice of the Philippines was impeached.. with charges na pinilit at nakalusot. I'm sorry, but that's how many people see the prosecution's charges.

We should all have learned a lesson here that we should never forget... 

Now, let us move on.. Though, a fair warning to PNoy: I will be one of your administration's greatest critics... for the sake of the Philippines, because I love my country.

Just my 2 cents

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