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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another 2 cents.

‘Noynoying’ Poses Challenge to Philippine Leader (taken from the blog of WSJ; but the opinion here is all mine)

This article from the blog of Wall Street Journal talks of the new protest "fad" which is Noynoying. The tactic is funny because it involves protesters sitting around doing nothing, stifling yawns "as a protest against what they view as the government’s reluctance to stop gas prices rising.", according to the article.

The article also talks of how PNoy mentioned that people just don't want to recognize his achievements. I think that's impossible, because people do mention his achievements in the newspapers, on the internet and in other media... However, these are achievements of his are really, really too little/small/obscure compared to all the accusations thrown at him like his laziness and incompetence. 

No wang-wang policy? Come on. That achievement is so freaking small, and comparing that to an achievement like regulating the oil prices (which we won't be seeing anytime soon), the no wang-wang policy looks like a joke. 

Oh, and I have to agree with one comment on the article:
8:29 pm March 20, 2012
Bokyo wrote:

The Filipino people hired/elected a manager who clearly did not have qualifications but had popular parents. We are now complaining that he is not fit for the job. Good job pinoys!
Hey, this guy certainly hit home, didn't he? People voted him because of his name, his family history and not because of his qualifications. 

Congratulations, fellow Pinoys who voted for PNoy. I see what you did there.


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