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Monday, March 19, 2012

Enrile: ‘Noynoying’ tag should not be taken seriously (From GMANews.tv)

I just saw a GMANews.tv article on facebook. It's about name-calling and how to deal with it, kind of an unsolicited "tip" from Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to President Noynoy Aquino.

I guess Enrile is just doing his job as Senate President and as a member of the Aquino Administration and the Senate to try to help the President in the best way he can. I have to agree with Enrile on how sometimes critics resort to name-calling when they have nothing better to do. 

However, "Noynoying" as term now commonly used especially in social networking sites (also used by me xD) should serve as a WAKE-UP CALL for the President. Come on, it's almost 2013, he's halfway through his Presidency and still we Filipinos are waiting for the "change" that he promised us when he was running for the top position in the government. 

I always base my opinions on news reports and on opinion columns. Most columnists mention that comparing Noynoy and Gloria, the latter did MUCH MORE than the present admin. Of course, I admit I am no PolSci Major, and that I probably won't be able to do a much better job than PNoy in running the country. But as a member of the society I believe I have a better view than the President on what really is happening around us, and thus, I also believe my opinion would be of help to him, kasi tayong mga masa yung nabubuhay at nakaka-experience nung mga pag hihirap, etc., at tayo rin mismo ang makakapag-sabi kung epektibo ba ang mga programa, reporma, at kung ano ano pang ginagawa ng administrasyong Aquino para sa bansa, kasi tayo nga yung nasa receiving end nung mga programang pambansa eh... However, I don't think we can say much about the programs, reforms, etc., at present because there seems to be none xD Noynoying mode ang ating Pangulo.

WAKE UP, Mr. President! The country needs you to LEAD for Christ's sake!

/no1! The article was from GMANews.tv. Just my 2 cents here. 

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